Parsons Bylines American Banker Article on Multifamily Banking


MPF Research’s director of analytics and forecasts discusses if this is next lending bubble

(September 18, 2014) — Jay Parsons, MPF Research director of analytics and forecasts, recently wrote a four-part series for Property Management Insider about the multifamily banking industry where he explored:

  • What kind of banks are most aggressively lending to multifamily?
  • Is multifamily the next bubble? There’s a lot of chatter around this topic given the surge in bank lending. What does the data tell us?
  • With multifamily lending increasingly crowded and with yields shrinking, how can lenders successfully evolve their strategies?

The second piece of his series, which does a deep dive into if the multifamily bank lending and the chance that it’s on a bubble, was picked up by American Banker. Head here to read the full story titled, “Is Multifamily Housing the Next Lending Bubble?”.