Lots of apartments are being built in Fort Worth, but are you rich enough to rent one?


FORT WORTH STAR-TELEGRAM (June 4, 2018) – The Fort Worth area has a tremendous shortage of apartments, and dozens of new complexes are under construction to meet the growing demand as the area’s population and job market boom.

But almost all of the apartments are being built for people who can afford quartz countertops, rooftop bars, concierge service for Amazon deliveries and remote-controlled stoves.

Almost nothing is being built for working class folks or recent college graduates moving to the area for an entry-level job.

Since 2010, 16,460 apartment units have been built in the Fort Worth area, according to RealPage, a real estate data company. But only 4 percent of these new units — a lowly 710 apartments — are now priced below the area’s average rent price of $1,093 per month.

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