LeasingDesk ® eRenterPlan Fully Integrates With OneSite® Leasing and Rents


Owners gain increased renter’s insurance tracking and compliance capabilities

(October 3, 2008) — LeasingDesk™, a wholly owned subsidiary of RealPage, Inc., and a leading provider of point of lease systems for the multifamily industry, today announced the final integration of its flagship offering, eRenterPlan, into RealPage’s OneSite© Leasing and Rents. The completed integration enables owners to improve lease compliance and track a resident’s policy to ensure conditions of the full participation renter’s insurance program are met.

At communities requiring renter’s insurance as a condition of residency, OneSite now prompts the leasing professional to enter the new resident’s insurance policy information into the system before the lease agreement can be completed. Collecting this information at the point of lease ensures each resident has active coverage, streamlines the enrollment process and generates increased office efficiencies, tracking capabilities and program compliance. Furthering reducing exposure to risk, the solution’s instant updates alert an owner when a resident has cancelled their eRenterPlan policy or when coverage is about to expire.

“Integrating renter’s insurance into OneSite takes the guess work out of tracking and enforcing a full participation insurance program,” said Dirk Wakeham, president of LeasingDesk. “We realize residents often purchase insurance to fulfill the lease requirements and cancel the policy after move-in. This integration gives owners the ability to track real-time compliance and stay proactive in mitigating risk.”

In addition to the benefits associated with the comprehensive integration of eRenterPlan into OneSite, the system boasts the ability to track policies underwritten by third-party providers. By incorporating insurance requirements into the leasing process, the system accepts and stores start and end dates of these individual policies. The integration has the flexibility to generate weekly, monthly or quarterly reports detailing third party renter’s insurance policy expirations making monitoring less time consuming and more productive.

“Implementing new risk mitigation policies that are both beneficial to the company and easy for our onsite staff to enforce have become increasingly important,” said Shanna Teague, risk manager for CWS Apartment Homes, LLC. “The required renter’s insurance field built into OneSite makes it easy for our onsite staff to enforce renter’s insurance as a condition of residency. Additionally, the integration of eRenterPlan into OneSite gives us the ability to stay ahead of compliance with real- time alerts and more comprehensive monitoring of active and inactive policies eliminating potential gaps in resident coverage.”

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