SoCal’s housing hot spot? Riverside, San Bernardino counties


New-home sales up 13% in Inland Empire, off 16% in LA-OC

Orange County Register (June 23, 2020) -- The Inland Empire, long the region’s most affordable place to live, now comes with significant real estate sizzle.

The pandemic era has seemingly rearranged housing’s local pecking order and elevated Riverside and San Bernardino counties to Southern California’s new housing hot spot.

Just look at what Rick Beckwitt, CEO of homebuilding giant Lennar, told investors this week about new home sales:

“In California, the Inland Empire is the strongest market,” he said. “While the market took a hit in April, it came back strong in both May and June. The Inland Empire has always been the affordable alternative to the more coastal areas. With low mortgage rates, buyers had flocked back to the market. Most of these have been renters or frontline workers fighting the pandemic.”

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