Focus in Student Housing Amenities Changes from Luxury to Health and Wellness


NATIONAL REAL ESTATE INVESTOR (June 15, 2018) – Lazy rivers, tanning beds, rock-climbing walls—resort-style amenities in student housing may be falling out of fashion as the sector faces demographic changes and lingering supply-demand imbalances.

Some companies that provide student housing say they have seen a shift away from over-the-top amenities that were popular with off-campus renters a few years back. Instead, there has been an increasing shift toward amenities that reflect a focus on studying, health and fitness and the ride-sharing economy.

“We are seeing a push towards more useful amenities,” says Adam Byrley, COO of The Preiss Company, an off-campus student housing provider headquartered in Raleigh, N.C.

Several years ago, when student-housing construction was at its peak, there was a push among developers to outcompete each other and provide the most creative and over-the-top amenities, says Taylor Gunn, student housing director at Axiometrics, a RealPage company.

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