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Voices for 2023 Guide: Multifamily Leaders Share Their Playbooks

Proactive strategies from rental real estate executives for driving efficiencies and performance in changing market conditions

In 2023, RealPage® tapped a new group of 23 multifamily real estate executives ― representing different geographies, portfolio types, business sizes and roles ― for video conversations to explore strategic topics for succeeding amid ongoing uncertainty and volatility.  

In this year’s Guide, we summarized their best operational and investment insights and actionable tips for uncovering opportunities and making progress in the year ahead. The common thread in their advice:  Adapt and fine-tune to create efficiencies that sharpen your advantage.

Dive into proactive approaches and timely commentary from apartment industry business leaders as they share specific playbook strategies to help rental property operators, owners and investors focus resources, seize innovation and create impact in critical areas, including:

  • Controlling expenses and improving revenue
  • Stimulating staff satisfaction and productivity
  • Enhancing property performance and resident experience
  • Finding investment wins amid rising costs

Next, look for more from Voices for 2023 in live interviews and additional content to help you maintain the momentum to stay ahead.  

voices for 2023 guide: multifamily leaders share their playbooks

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