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Your online reputation has a measurable impact on your assets’ performance.

Online reputation has always been important to prospects and residents. It’s also been a point of concern and interest to owners. However, figuring out the tangible value has always seemed to elude us…until today. RealPage® and J Turner Research have created a first-of-its-kind study demonstrating and validating the relationship between changes in your online reputation and your asset performance versus the overall market.

Download this exclusive report, Connecting Reputation with Revenue — ORA™ Study Results, to understand:

  • How +1 ORA score can yield on average +3 BPS premium to market returns.
  • Why about 71% of prospects will decide to visit a property with a higher online reputation.
  • The correlation is between raw ORA scores, change in ORA score and value creation such as revenue.

realpage special report

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