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Opportunity Brief: Redefining the Resident Experience in Multifamily

Apartment leader interviews emphasize a return to renter-focused strategies for engagement, efficiency & value

Market complexities and competition motivate multifamily properties to reprioritize renter preferences for technology-driven convenience and service. So RealPage® explored insights on innovating the resident experience in our interviews with the Voices for 2024 industry executives.

Bringing back the industry’s customer focus with strategies like the “hospitality approach” means creating resident-centric digital experiences that are intuitive, responsive, personalized and always on — to delight residents as if they are returning “guests.”

Hear how apartment operations leaders are finding a lasting edge beyond leasing in video clips answering one big question:​

“What are your priorities for enhancing the Resident Experience?”

  • Personalization, value & convenience
  • Seamless connections with/for residents
  • Hiring & training people to serve
  • Renter preferences & competitive response
  • Meaningful engagement with residents
  • Innovation to drive revenue & loyalty

Look for more tips, trends and commentary from the Voices for 2024 in live interviews and additional content to help you optimize efficiencies, performance and revenue in changing conditions.

opportunity brief: redefining the resident experience in multifamily

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