OneSite® Document Management

Documents that are standardized, secure and accessible from anywhere in a solution that’s integrated with OneSite.

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Document Management

Get More Done in Less Time.

Document Management

With OneSite® Document Management, OneSite users have the ability to standardize forms across their portfolio, ensuring they have consistent work flows and that their sites are using only corporate-approved forms. And by leveraging DocuSign® to electronically sign lease packets, applicants are able to execute leases quickly and conveniently, so your property can move them in faster. Then, when they move out, you can upload photos to the final account statement improve recovery percentages.

OneSite Document Management reduces the inefficiencies and expenses associated with manual document handling and best of all, it’s all stored in the cloud, so it’s accessible from anywhere you need it. What could be easier?

Property Management Document Organization Was Never This Easy


Get an unlimited number of signatures with DocuSign® e-signature capability. No more paying per document.


Reduce inefficiencies and expenses and improve workflows and onsite organization for significant savings.


Our platform exceeds the strictest U.S. and global security standards.


Standardize letters, notices, and forms across your portfolio, and keep them accessible.


Scan and index documents in bulk, upload images to general ledgers and final account statements, and store generated reports and report groups into a single PDF.


Because it’s all integrated with the OneSite platform, you’ll reduce duplicate data entry for facilities, purchasing and more.

*Calculation for a 200-unit property, based on data from an Open Archive Systems white paper.

Wilkinson Sees Huge Benefits by Moving From Paper Documents to RealPage Document Management.

Putting Paper In Its Place

Property management runs on documents. Mountains of them – related to leases, maintenance, utilities, payments and many other areas of the business.

In this video, Kelli Mattingly of the Wilkinson Family of Companies discusses the huge benefits her company has enjoyed by moving from paper documents to e-documents and RealPage Document Management.

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Compliance made simple.

Michael Maiselson, IT and Training Support for Advenir Real Estate Group

OneSite® Document Management can do more than turn your business into a virtually paperless organization. For Advenir Real Estate Group, its efficiency, compliance and convenience helps the company stay ahead of changes in lease packets for his company’s many different properties.

When your staff can scan, store and manage documents across your organization, in a single location, compliance becomes a simple matter of checking a single document in a single location. That turns compliance from a nightmare to a dream. That’s OneSite® Document Management.

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Do business whenever and wherever you want.

Margaret Berry, Director from UDR

Thanks to OneSite® Document Management, UDR does business all over the country and around the world if the need arises. OneSite® Document Management’s e-signature, powered by DocuSign®, saves her property management company time and money, while offering convenience to both residents and property staff.

Berry’s staff has eliminated many paper-based processes, along with the time and costs associated with getting leasing agreements mailed, signed, approved and filed. It’s all done by electronic workflow and can be done in half the time a normal lease might take to complete.

Add convenience back into the leasing process, for both you and your resident.

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