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An enterprise-level document management system with unlimited storage and customizable workflows.

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Easy to use and tailor-made for enterprise-level multifamily organizations, RealPage Document Director eliminates paper while fulfilling all of your storage requirements. It’s a robust enterprise document and content management system that is specifically designed with your property management company’s needs in mind.

Scalable and platform agnostic, RealPage Document Director is suitable for any sized property management company, regardless of the property management system they use. In addition, it’s web-based, accessible from anywhere and offers property owners and managers the ability to electronically store, organize, browse, search and securely publish all types of corporate, property and resident documents, including: compliance documents, due diligence documents, resident documents, financial statements, employee handbooks and training materials.

Upload your electronic documents into the system with a simple drag-and-drop or by browsing your computer files. Financial statements and reports can be shared with regulatory agencies, owners and other third-parties easily and securely. To control access, you can create your own roles to restrict access by file type, department and property owner and use customizable workflows to route documents for approval based on the way you already do business.

A complete document management system that’s secure, flexible and friendly.


Provides unlimited cloud-based storage to fit in with your disaster recovery plan.


Encrypts at transmission and at rest with secure, real-time publication for third-parties.


Provides PII & HIPAA compliance with audit trails with login history and version control.


Offers unlimited, customizable classifiers and data set values along with saved searches, to enable flexible filtering for easy document retrieval.

And even better, RealPage Document Director requires no special technical knowledge or hardware—your staff can be up and running in as little as one hour.

Document Director: Simple. Scalable. Secure.

RealPage Document Director delivers a robust file management system that‘s easy to use and tailor-made for the Rental Real Estate industry. It’s also web-based and provides unlimited cloud-based storage to fit in your disaster recovery plan. Just upload files with a simple drag-and-drop or create customized workflows to fit your approval process. No matter how you choose to share, your files are protected, paperless and stored in the perfect document hub for your business.

How to increase leasing velocity with the RealPage Document Management System, Document Director.

Mike Boone, Capstone Real Estate Services

Every property management company knows that being able to review more leases in a shorter amount of time can lead to less vacancies. Capstone Real Estate Services, Inc. uses RealPage Document Director to increase leasing velocity by being able to constantly gage where they are with the approval of a leasing file.

See how RealPage Document Director can help your organization start saving more time, reduce paperwork and increase efficiency. Watch this short video to learn more.

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