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Triple your onsite visits and double your leases with the leasing and marketing secret weapon that never clocks out.

Contact Center

This is No Ordinary Property Management Call Center

The RealPage® Contact Center works around-the-clock cultivating the premium leads that convert to more leases, and acting as a natural extension of your leasing and marketing team—and your brand. Hundreds of RealPage Contact Center leasing agents undergo four weeks of intense call center training to become one of your biggest competitive advantages, fielding prospect inquiries and maintenance requests when your apartment leasing staff cannot, responding to calls, online chats, and emails 24/7. Never miss a call. Never miss an opportunity.

Never Miss a Call

Up to 60% of potential leads could be going to voicemail.


More Onsite Visits

40% of leads result in scheduled visits.


More Leases

Sign 2.7 times more leases with RealPage Contact Center.


How to Never Miss Another Lead and Leverage Your Marketing Budget

The RealPage Contact Center offers more than just leasing and maintenance call center services to property management companies. Our Contact Center engages callers, schedules on-site visits and helps you sign more leases quicker. Discover why the RealPage Contact Center is unlike any other.

It’s More Than Talk

A Top Pick

More than half of the NMHC top 50 property management companies rely on the superior customer service of the RealPage Contact Center.

A Personal Touch

Our leasing agents respond to every email, phone call, and chat message—whether it’s a resident with a maintenance issue or a leasing prospect—with a friendly, engaging attitude designed to build relationships.

Instant Response

Our robust technology helps ensure quick response by instantly routing service requests, after-hours emergencies, and new sales opportunities to the phones and devices you choose.

Industry Expertise

We get it. As a recognized industry expert in on-demand software and software-enabled services for several rental housing industry markets, RealPage is uniquely qualified.

Dynamic Landing Pages

When prospects search for a future apartment home, they often receive generalized property marketing, leaving the hard work up to them to decipher which property will be a good fit. To help them get the information they really need to make an informed decision, we offer Dynamic Landing Pages—customizable, data-driven property websites designed to engage, nurture leads and boost conversions.

Using a combination of Contact Center consultants and Artificial Intelligence, we’re able to personalize landing page data in order to engage the prospect more effectively and increase property lease conversions more efficiently. Dynamic Landing Pages:

  • Increase conversions by including calls-to-action for scheduling an appointment or leasing online.
  • Reduce marketing spend due to automatic optimization of the website experience.
  • Make marketing strategy more efficient by tracking success metrics: visits, click through rate and open vs. bounced emails
  • Sync leads with the Contact Center to enable landing pages to be sent through email or text
  • Boost engagement with your property from search through tour.

Instant Call Reply

Response time can make—or break—a lucrative lead. Provide prompt responses to questions and schedule tours with prospects that have emailed you, increasing lead opportunities and lease conversion. How? RealPage Contact Center consultants provide a personal call back to every email containing a phone number (85% of emails) within 10-15 minutes on average. Properties looking for additional ways to maximize their email to site visit conversion rate also have the option of upgrading to ICR Plus. This premium service allows our associates to provide up to 3 personal callbacks and follow up emails throughout the day to prospects who don’t answer the initial outreach. This provides:

Marketing Optimization

Ensure all advertising-generated leads are captured, allowing for better spend management.

Operational Efficiency

Allows onsite leasing teams more time to focus on higher quality leads and spend time closing opportunities while on tours and resident retention.

Higher Conversion

Enables higher visit set ratio than your leasing office will attain, because the initial attempt to contact the prospect is within 15 minutes of receiving their email.

Realization of True Demand

By capturing all opportunities, site- and enterprise-level teams can better understand supply and demand—enabling price hikes and/or tightened screening criteria.

Prospect Identification

RealPage Contact Center leasing associates conduct the initial prospect discovery by asking all the right questions in a consultative, professional manner.

Business Strategy Improvement

By using analytics and performance measurement reports, you’re better able to make the most cost-efficient business decisions.

A Maintenance Partner

Our 24/7 contact service extends to onsite maintenance, making the response to residents—emergency or otherwise—instant and professional. This integrated service automatically and consistently enters service requests into your property management system, automates dispatch to proper personnel, monitors ticket volume, response time, and trends, and can even listen to calls between agents and residents, not to mention contact the resident directly when needed.

Answer Automation and Leasing Assistant

Answer Automation is designed to instantly route service requests, after-hour emergencies and new sales opportunities to the phones and devices you choose. Incoming messages are automatically answered, clearly and professionally, and routed to up to nine numbers. Calls can also be automatically recorded and sent to your email inbox with caller ID, so your staff doesn’t have to search for the call back number.

Leasing Assistant is a 24/7 live-agent answering service that optimizes lead capture and provides personalized customer service—all at a fixed, predictable rate, enabling:

Better Spend and Budget Management

Access an affordable live agent service—no limited capacity.

Leasing Optimization

Miss zero leads while speaking with a live agent managed by RealPage Contact Center versus missing the call or relying on voicemail.

Unlimited Capacity

No more unplanned overages. Your team will still get basic contact information to follow-up with a lead for a fixed monthly rate.

No Missed Calls

Answer all leasing calls 24/7 with a live agent collecting prospect information for follow-up.

Budget Efficiency

We help you manage expenses with our best-in-breed solution while staying within your operational budget.

Intelligent Lead Manager (ILM)

Optimize your leasing performance with RealPage® ILM Lead Manager —a comprehensive lead management software solution that helps multifamily organizations increase revenue by focusing on leasing activities that produce the most value. Lead Scoring supplements your traditional leasing data, providing you with powerful analytics that identify actionable opportunities. This easy-to-use tool will help your team prioritize tasks that drive the most value by organizing work based upon activities that lead to the highest conversion rates.

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Never Miss Another Call with the RealPage Contact Center
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