Smart Wi-Fi

Pre-installed, high speed Wi-Fi with communitywide connection

With CommunityConnect Smart Wi-Fi, residents can get unparalleled access, smart devices, and, finally, full connectivity no matter where they are in the community.

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Resident Connectivity

Properties can make as much as $15 – $20 per unit per month with Smart Wi-Fi solutions

Resident Connectivity

Traditional single-family broadband solutions deployed in most apartment buildings today are costly to residents and are limited to in-unit Wi-Fi. RealPage’s managed High-Speed Internet Access (HSIA) solution is a community-wide cost-effective alternative that provides a personal area network for each resident, a guest network for non-residents, access for on-site leasing managers and maintenance, and can serve as the backbone for your smart community solutions.

With CommunityConnect Smart Wi-Fi, we buy or broker bulk internet through our partners, giving us the ability to offer subscriptions through our national carriers that range from $20 to $25 per unit, including our 24×7 managed resident service, equipment warranty, and guaranteed service levels that are monitored and enforced by RealPage. In turn, residents will enjoy lightning-fast, secure personal internet, in their homes, and throughout the community.

With CommunityConnect Smart Wi-Fi residents can get unparalleled access, smart devices, and, finally, full connectivity no matter where they are in the community with no dead spots. And Wi-Fi access that starts right at move-in, without having to deal with cable or phone companies.

Wi-Fi Features

  • Each unit is set-up with its own network (VLAN), for security & privacy
  • Can be priced-in as an amenity charge for additional property revenue
    Standard payment plans starting at $15/unit/month
    (not inclusive of equipment and install costs)
  • CommunityConnect Smart Wi-Fi can also offer high-speed connectivity with no upfront install or equipment costs at monthly price ranges $35-$60
  • Property-wide connectivity is also enabled for common & amenity areas
  • Additional network equipment, cabling, & install required as high-speed networks often require in-unit Wi-Fi Access Points

Cost varies depending upon:

  • Available Speed Ranges of 30Mbps – 1Gbps (1000 Mbps)
  • Building Layout
  • New Development vs Retrofit
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