Unveiling the New ActiveBuilding Resident Portal


RealPage’s ActiveBuilding resident portal platform continues to evolve as the heartbeat of an apartment community, supporting the complete resident lifecycle and experience. Expanded functionality is helping boost convenience and a sense of community, ultimately driving higher retention.

Earlier this year, RealPage launched the first stage of a major ActiveBuilding redesign that puts a more modern, mobile-first experience at the fingertips of residents and staff. The redesign was unveiled at RealWorld 2021,” The Yield Awakens,” in July in Nashville.

“We want the resident, from the moment they sign a lease, to feel like ActiveBuilding is the digital extension of their home,” says Mike Ivey, Vice President, Living Suite Product Management. “We were very excited to talk about the new ActiveBuilding at RealWorld.”

The redesign, developed as part of a new user research initiative, gives residents easier access to more information and community services while providing property managers additional opportunities to improve efficiency, grow ancillary revenue and boost loyalty.

Integration with rewards platform incentivizes desired behaviors

At RealWorld, attendees discovered how RealPage’s newly integrated loyalty rewards platform − Community Rewards – offers residents points for completing actions like answering polls, accepting community event invitations, sharing community photos, providing feedback and more. Each of these interactions builds loyalty and creates authentic connections within a community that tends to result in higher rates of referrals and renewals as well as higher online reputation scores.

Attendees learned that the integration now enables residents of communities using both ActiveBuilding and Community Rewards to manage their points balance and seamlessly move between apps. Soon they will be able to earn points from ActiveBuilding through online payments and renters insurance.

Community Rewards has a proven track record of helping property managers reward resident behaviors important to owners while building community loyalty, which leads to higher retention, Ivey says.

“What we’ve shown with Community Rewards is that a more community-engaged resident base does stay longer and renew at a higher level,” he explains. “If you care about reputation, the best way to do that is bring an engagement solution into your software suite. Community Rewards is really that.”

Automating and monetizing amenity reservations

ActiveBuilding enhancements launched at the height of the pandemic upgraded amenity reservations to enforce social distancing and adaptive capacity requirements. Attendees at RealWorld learned how the latest amenity reservations updates provide more scheduling flexibility to property managers – and make it easier than ever to monetize amenities.

“We saw reservations jump by 10 times from pre-pandemic levels across the user base,” Ivey says. “Even today, though the volumes overall have dropped, that engagement remains consistently higher than our pre-pandemic averages. This is now a much more common resident behavior as opposed to going to the office — yet another shift toward self-service that helps improve efficiency.”

The future of multifamily is all about engagement

As resident preferences change and the apartment industry evolves, resident engagement through ActiveBuilding’s resident portal is the key to driving loyalty and portfolio yield. ActiveBuilding is poised to continue giving residents more choices and properties greater brand value.

“We see ActiveBuilding as a conduit for the experiences and services that property management companies offer,” Ivey concludes. “We want to make it dynamic and guide users to the information and services they need.”

Connect your community, grow resident engagement and drive incremental yield with ActiveBuilding.

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