How OneSite Simplifies Month-End Close & Move-Out/FAS


Multifamily owners and property managers are always looking for ways to accelerate leasing team productivity. However, two areas that remain complicated and time-intensive are manual month-end close and move-out/FAS. This becomes an exponentially bigger challenge when spread across a portfolio of properties.

OneSite®, the core Property Operations platform from RealPage®, has two innovations that can accelerate productivity and task completion to help achieve operational efficiency across a portfolio: bulk month-end close and move-out/FAS multiproperty views.

Let’s dive into three areas where these solutions can make the most difference to property management operations.

1. Optimize the front office with a user-friendly interface.

A hurdle many companies face after implementing a new solution is employee adoption. What’s the point of spending the time and effort to find the perfect tech for your company if your front office staff have a hard time learning how to use it?

You shouldn’t need to pick between a powerful solution or a user-friendly one. To encourage adoption, OneSite’s bulk month-end close and move-out/FAS multiproperty views are easy to learn and use while offering the functionality your staff needs to get the job done in less time.

With proactive task management and the ability to see the status of FAS and move-out inspections across multiple properties at once, OneSite can significantly speed up the completion of move-out/FAS. Plus, it’s accessible from any device. Altogether, you can reduce the time spent per resident from 30 minutes to five minutes on average.

2. Leverage automation to reduce staff time and improve NOI.

What’s the secret to improving operational performance? Automation. With bulk processing capabilities, automation and user workflows, month-end close can be completed in a fraction of the time it takes to use manual processes — less than seven minutes on average.

OneSite can also help your teams save time with batch processing and automation for the various letters and notices required for your properties, including rent reminders, late notices and eviction letters. With this feature, you can create a batch of documents across a portfolio of properties and even filter by document or applicant type.

Another result? The efficiency and productivity that result from bulk processing can also help improve your NOI.

(For more ways to drive efficiency gains, check out our eBook.)

3. Centralize operations across a portfolio.

Reimagining property management operations functions and moving to a portfolio vs. property perspective are the keys to gaining the efficiencies you need. With OneSite, you can consolidate operations, streamline processes through bulk processing and gain timely access to critical cross-property data and workflow visualization.

OneSite also empowers management with data-driven actions that align with your portfolio strategy to drive major efficiency gains and maximize asset value.

Ready to streamline your property operations?

From multitasking to bulk processing to customizable dashboards, OneSite helps multifamily operators consolidate time-intensive manual tasks through bulk automation and exception-based and cross-property workflows. With OneSite, you can also leverage data to drive actions that align with your portfolio strategy.

Learn more about how OneSite can help improve team performance and maximize NOI.

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