How Google’s New AI Overviews Impact Multifamily SEO


Google made one of the most significant changes to search that we have seen in over a decade: the use of AI overviews on the search engine results page (SERP). This represents a huge shift in search that will significantly influence the multifamily housing industry. This generative AI technology promises to change how potential residents search for, discover and interact with apartment websites, thereby revolutionizing SEO strategies within the industry.

Understanding Google's AI Overviews: What is it?

AI Overviews integrate advanced machine learning algorithms to provide searchers with more informative and personalized search results. Its focus is answering a user's question without forcing them to dig further than the SERP result.

For verticals like multifamily housing, informational search queries related to apartments can yield more relevant information directly within the search results page — meaning no clickable blue links.

Enhanced user experience and engagement

One of AI Overviews’ primary impacts on the multifamily industry is improved user experience and engagement. For potential renters, that means they can access comprehensive property details like amenities, floor plans and virtual tours without having to click through individual property websites.

One caveat: While AI Overviews may accelerate the decision-making process, we believe that interested renters will still want to see the property website to get the look and feel of the community, not to mention filling out “contact us” forms, scheduling tours or even applying for a lease. The smarter the AI gets, the better users will get at forming the right questions to get the information they want. This will continue the need for tried-and-true SEO strategies on your websites.

Optimizing multifamily SEO strategies

With these changes in mind, multifamily housing marketers and SEO professionals must review their strategies to leverage  AI Overviews effectively:

  1. Content optimization: Ensuring that property descriptions, amenities and location/neighborhood details are accurately represented in structured data formats can increase the likelihood of appearing in the new SERP features. The key is focusing on long-tail keywords.
  2. Emphasis on local SEO: With AI Overviews emphasizing local search intent, optimizing for location-specific keywords and maintaining consistent NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) information across platforms is crucial for visibility.
  3. GBP optimization: Given the increasing prevalence of local searches, ensuring that Google Business Profiles are fully updated and optimized is essential to capitalize on local apartment search queries.
  4. User reviews and ratings: Encouraging positive reviews and managing your online reputation can influence SERP features.
  5. Visual and interactive content: Integrating high-quality images, videos and virtual tours that resonate with potential residents can enhance engagement when these elements are highlighted in SERP results.

Challenges and opportunities

While AI Overviews present many SEO opportunities for multifamily, they also come with challenges. The competition for visibility in enriched SERP features will grow, requiring marketers to refine their strategies continually.

Moreover, maintaining data accuracy and compliance with Google's evolving guidelines will be crucial to avoid penalties and ensure sustained visibility. Not to mention that Google is now serving less than 20% of all results in the new AI Overviews format. There is also a lot of misinformation on the internet, and Google’s generative AI struggles to interpret that inaccurate data (let alone jokes).

What’s next

As Google continues to update and improve AI Overviews, multifamily SEO will evolve. Embracing these changes and opportunities enhances digital marketing effectiveness and creates a more comprehensive user experience.

By strategically aligning SEO efforts with the enhanced SERP features offered by Google's AI Overviews, multifamily marketers can position their properties more prominently in the digital marketing landscape, ultimately driving more qualified leads and leases.

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