Connecting Property Managers to Vendors – Made Simple


It takes a sound network of vendors to deliver amazing living experiences to an apartment community while also keeping your property operating smoothly.

It is important to manage inventory, spend and retain a well-credentialed vendor list. Of equal importance is continuously finding new, well-qualified and reputable vendors to add to your network.

Now, imagine how complicated it must be for vendors to find the most relevant property managers to provide services for without a centralized, open network to search and communicate through.

Without the right tools, vendors reaching out to prospective apartment clients can be cumbersome and lead to dead-ends. Cold-calling or leaving phone and email messages, which go unanswered if property managers are too busy, slows bids down considerably.

When the opportunity finally arrives, the inability to make a viable presentation to highlight a vendor’s services may not fully articulate the company’s capabilities and services. Furthermore, a website or platform featuring only the nuts and bolts may still not be enough to solidify a new vendor relationship.

When finally making a match, the process can stretch even further through tedious acquisition of the needed insurance and verifications required by property managers. Adding to that is the additional time for manual invoicing once the work is complete.

Clearly, the vendor acquisition process is a complicated one and requires an expert to help both parties navigate.

Making the right connection for vendors and property managers

In today’s swiftly moving marketplace, vendors and property managers need to make the right connections and do so as quickly and seamlessly as possible.

The good news is that it just got simpler for vendors to connect to property managers. A way that offers the resources to establish a mutually beneficial business relationship without the hassle. Property managers can find the right companies with the right compliance from a solution that gives vendors a strong presence and provides easy search and navigation from start to finish.

RealPage’s new Vendor Marketplace is an open ecosystem that enables property managers and vendors to easily communicate, market, and network with one another.

With vendors’ ability to market themselves through videos, presentations and narrowing searches to a very granular level, property managers have a greater opportunity to find the right company for the right job. Users can search through an integrated vendor pool that truly defines the attributes of each vendor. They can also share their experiences once the work is complete through ratings and reviews.

Vendor Marketplace brings everything together

Sara Jones, RealPage’s vice president and general manager of spend management solutions, says that the innovative technology can help property managers overcome obstacles in making the right match with vendors.

“This is going to bring everything together, not only for our property management companies but for the vendors themselves,” Jones said. “It allows  our clients to come together, making the process easier for everyone.”

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