How to Boost Buzz and Attract More Renters [eBook]


A common discussion at multifamily housing conferences is how to cultivate leads and meet occupancy goals digitally. Leveraging search engine optimization, paid search and social media is a leading way of engaging renters, and classic marketing strategies are no longer as effective.

Digital marketing can be intimidating for an industry that has lagged over the years in adoption of new ways of doing business. But boosting awareness aimed at renters on the devices of their choice has become necessary to empower apartment and portfolio brands.

The buzz in the industry is taking effective property marketing to the next level through online marketing technology, as discussed in the eBook,”3 Ways to Boost Buzz to Attract New Renters.”

The right mix of branding, lead nurturing and lead generation

Being able to connect and engage targeted demographics throughout the entire renter journey is paramount to successfully converting prospects into leases. Doing so requires a special mix of a property’s brand awareness, lead nurturing and lead generation into one effective strategy that conforms to today’s consumer preferences.

More than half of all internet searches are generated on a mobile device or tablet, and, according to Google, nearly 20 percent of local smartphone searches led to an actual purchase within one day. For property managers, that means being found where potential renters are searching. They’re most likely to generate a new lease from 20 percent or more of your online leads.

It starts with branding, the foundation of any business. A property’s stamp is largely conveyed these days by web presence. It communicates what the community and organization is all about and the value offered. And consumers trust the most meaningful. More than 60 percent of customers choose authentic brands over those that aren’t visible to their competitors.

But the time to capture a prospect’s attention on a website is precious. In just 50 milliseconds, users decide whether they will stay or leave a site. So every split second counts.  Content has to be good. Nearly 40 percent of people are highly likely to stop engaging in a website in the layout or content is unattractive or doesn’t meet expectations.

SEO and social media are essential 

And an intelligent and well-thought-out search engine optimization strategy, when smoothly implemented along with consistency, can build a property’s search engine equity and make it easier for prospects to find listings online. A local appeal is paramount; 46 percent of all Google searches are local, according to .

The perfect complement is Paid Search or PPC, which has proven an effective marketing tool. PPC can effectively and immediately enhance web presence on search engines through broad or hyper-targeted campaigns. The result is engaging the right renters, even those who have already visited the website and didn’t convert, on any device from any location in the world.

Also, reaching a targeted audience through social media has transformed multifamily and just about every industry. But it’s no longer about Facebook or Twitter. For 66 percent of property management marketers, Instagram is the top platform for attracting renters. 

Tying it all together to attract more renters

Effectively bringing together and leveraging a property’s brand, while simultaneously generating positive brand awareness in conjunction with lead generation and nurturing efforts, only helps generate high-quality leads more consistently.

Mapping out the strategy so that everything is inter-connected with various activities enables a property to be highly visible where people are looking. It sends the right message and offer to the right people at the right time.

What may sound like magic is very achievable through the right tools. RealPage GoDirect Marketing blends brand awareness, lead nurturing, and lead generation into a single solution so property managers stay in step with the digital way of doing business.

Learn more in the eBook, “3 Ways to Boost Buzz To Attract More Renters.”

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