Damien Georges
SVP Asset & Investment Management, RealPage, Inc.

Damien Georges is globally recognized as an expert in all facets of technology and operations related to institutional real estate and its management. He has focused his career on solving the data problem inherent to the industry. Currently, Damien serves as SVP for Asset & Investment Management at RealPage, where he is responsible for fully integrating and enhancing an end-to-end platform for the institutional real estate market. His RealPage team is developing solutions that collect, aggregate, clean, distribute, and analyze the data required to run a real estate business through the entire asset life cycle. Previously, Damien was a founder and former CEO at Hipercept, which was acquired by RealPage; a founder and Director at FUEL, also acquired by RealPage; and a founder and Director at Voyanta, which was acquired by Altus.

Damien Georges

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