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Assisted Living Resident Assessment Tool

Senior Living Assessment Software

A powerful and flexible tool to generate senior resident care assessments and service plans.

The assessment tool automates the process, reducing the time your staff spends on assessments, reducing the chance for data entry errors, and ultimately enhancing your ability to deliver personalized senior care.

Flexible to Meet Your Residents’ Needs

Configurable templates save time and are flexible to meet any resident’s care needs. For added flexibility, your staff has the ability to manage care fee start and stop dates for hospitalizations and exclude tasks from the care fee calculation.

The proprietary scoring method in the assessment tool takes into account the time required for each task, the frequency of the service and the actual labor costs for the staff providing the service, giving you visibility into the exact cost of care.

Why RealPage Senior Living Software?


Accurate care assessments mean the right treatment is provided, reducing costs while improving care.



You can designate role-based controls for entering and updating information so you stay in compliance to HIPPA and other regulations.


Interface to e-MAR

An interface to an eMAR provides real-time medication alerts. Choose the eMAR best suited to your business and the one your staff is familiar with to reduce training time and risk of error.


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