RealPage® Renovation Manager

The multifamily renovation management software that keeps you on time and on budget.

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Accurate, Real-Time Performance Analysis for Multifamily Renovation Management—Optimized for Bigger Returns

You’ve repeated the scenario over and over. An apartment unit requires renovation. An effort that requires multiple players—from maintenance to executive management—and shared spreadsheets that far too often contain erroneous data, include outdated details, or are altogether missing critical intelligence. So, how do you maintain data integrity with your apartment renovations to keep them on time and on budget?

RealPage Renovation Manager is an optimization tool designed to help you plan, execute and analyze your renovations using cloud technology and connected intelligence. In addition to supporting strategic planning and improving data accuracy and team productivity, you’ll now be able to maximize ROI with every renovation.

Providing the 3 Apartment Renovation Analyses Your Bottom Line Depends On

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Prior Lease
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Unrenovated Market Rent

Reduce Apartment Vacancy Loss

RealPage Renovation Manager is the only multifamily renovation management software powerful enough to help reduce vacancy loss. Comprehensive capital performance analysis ensures that properties are executing renovation plans aligned with your asset strategies.

The three capital performance metrics your bottom line depends on—with a powerful connected intelligence that tracks execution with speed and accuracy—include:

  • Budget – Compares ongoing analysis of expenses and income for the life of the project
  • Prior Lease – Analyzes previous lease rent against post-renovation lease rent to determine ROI for one unit or the entire asset
  • Unrenovated Market Rent – Documents growth between new renovated lease rent units and unrenovated market rent units for a complete payback analysis

Apartment Data Granularity You Can’t Get From a Spreadsheet

Unique data granularity helps you identify opportunities you can’t find in a problematic spreadsheet. Examine data by both floorplan and renovation type to help prioritize which units will generate the highest value. With this level and speed of intelligence, you can make quicker planning decisions and streamline project workflows.

The Top 5 Reasons Why Owners and Operators Rely on Renovation Manager

Get more details on the tool more multifamily executives trust for timeliness and accuracy when it comes to renovations.

Stay Updated on Apartment Renovations—and Discrepancies—With Automated Alerts

No stakeholder gets left behind with automated alerts that keep you updated on project status and informed about discrepancies with scheduling expectations.

GoldOller Discusses How RealPage Renovation Manager Improves ROI Analysis & More

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Start improving renovation performance and maximizing your ROI.