Identity Verification

Preventing identity fraud is the first step to ensuring the safety of your agents, your property and your long-term asset value.

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Decrease Fraudulent Applications Before They Start

RealPage ® Screening Identity Verification uses comprehensive and dynamically updated identity intelligence and pattern recognition to detect potentially fraudulent applications instantly. Plus, our solution provides a seamless workflow online or in-office, including ID Document Validation through a contactless digital process.

Saving properties up to $30 per unit per year in related eviction costs.

Beyond Risk Reduction

Costs to properties from evictions due to identity fraud can include lost rent revenue, damages, legal costs, time and reputation, which can be severe. The average eviction-related expense is between $5K and $15K per instance.1

RealPage ® Screening Identity Verification has proven to save properties over $30 per unit per year in related fraud costs by ensuring applicants are who they say they are.

Detect Multiple Forms of Fraud

Identity Verification provides visibility into the profiles of both the application and the applying identity to detect multiple forms of identity fraud. It helps spot potential fraud or identity theft and automatically flags discrepancies found in an applicant’s data.

Screening Strategies for an Evolving World

For multifamily property owners and operators in 2020 and beyond, reducing bad debt and driving higher occupancy and revenue will depend on a technologically advanced, data-driven and easy-to-use resident screening solution.

Exceptions and Document Validation

Built-in exception handling allows you to filter by only high-risk applicants. This way, you can reduce or eliminate the time spent on verifying all applicants, saving your staff time. And with Document Validation, you can immediately verify an applicant’s ID via a contactless, multilevel government-issued ID validation process.2

Made for Leasing on the Go

By adding ID Document Validation, you can add a layer of protection to your property by verifying the prospect’s identity before touring your community. All interactions occur via the prospect’s mobile phone, and validation results are available in just seconds (pass or fail) for a contactless experience.2

At payment, IDV integration helps ensure that online ResidentDirect ® payments are verified before processing begins, which can prevent costly chargebacks and lost rent payments.

RealPage Identity Verification has helped us lower the number of fraudulent applications. The number of credit card chargebacks for online application fees has also dramatically decreased.

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