Capture up to 120 Percent More Leads

Did you know that 40 percent of inbound, revenue-generating leasing calls can be lost just by missing calls and emails? Make the most of your leads by tracking both the quantity AND quality of your leads. Our Lead2Lease user-friendly lead management system centralizes all sales activities; including transferring leads to a sister community and setting reminders for future follow-up. You can’t afford to lose another lead.


Call Tracking

To keep you informed on how your site is performing, Lead2Lease will give you comprehensive analytics reports. Know what’s keeping visitors on your site interested, so you can keep up with market trends and know where you need to make improvements.

Smart Alerts & Replies

Determine which calls are coming from which lead sources, which team members are answering the phone, what days/times are peak for leasing calls, and how long each call lasts.

Improve Leasing Agent Performance

Leasing agents are the key to selling your property and converting leads to signed leases. At least 40 percent of your inbound leasing calls can go unanswered. With Lead2Lease, your teams can become more effective with visibility into all prospect and leasing activities. Eliminate tedious manual data entry and give your agents the freedom to focus on selling. And with our Smart Response email to every online lead, ensure that every prospect gets a reply — typically in less than two minutes.

Monitor the Quantity and Quality of Leads

You’ll have weekly management reports to help you maximize your advertising budget, gain visibility into site performance and the leasing process, and pinpoint successful methods to increase productivity.


Capture Accurate Guest Cards

Automatically capture guest card information and seamlessly transfer it into your property management system with accurate lead source data.


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