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  • From learning the math to
    changing the landscape

    Stephen P. Adams on
    studying success

    From Learning the Math

    “Numbers speak to me. That’s why I focused on studying the foundations of finance and economics in the States and abroad. Learning about ROI metrics and cost analysis, was good enough to begin understanding the science of calculated risk taking. But I thrive on outperforming and I’m a born risk taker. The world has taught me that the best payoffs come when you tackle obstacles without taking the easy route. The bigger the challenge the better, because anything worth having shouldn’t come easy. You’ve got to earn it every step of the way.”

    To Changing the Landscape

    “Once you reach a certain level in our industry, it’s easy to lose touch with your teams in the field. That’s the challenge we faced. If we wanted to dramatically impact our portfolio value with minimal risk, it would take more focus on the field, teaching the same foundations I learned in finance—and using the right tools. A lot of our people relied on outdated methods like comp calling and spreadsheets for price setting. YieldStar helped us change that. We became more scientific and precise, and partnering with our people drove our extraordinary portfolio performance.”

  • From legal legacy to
    leading milestone


    From Legal Legacy

    “As the son of a small-town judge, I grew up with a strong sense of knowing to do the right thing. Not just for me, but for others as well. I could have gone to law school. Right? That would have been good enough. But I had something to prove to myself – to step outside the familiar. To be truly challenged. I never wanted to be the guy who said, ‘I wish I would have.’ Real estate was that challenge. So I faced it, and never looked back.”

    To Leading Milestone

    “We were determined to be the highest performing REIT. We needed a revenue management system to empower our people to dominate the market. So we put YieldStar to the challenge. And after testing it in the ring, it was clearly the undisputed champ. The results exceeded all our expectations. Accelerated our revenue growth. And sustained our momentum in the market. Since YieldStar’s been in our corner, we consistently outperform our competition.”

  • From A Leap of Faith to


    From a Leap of Faith

    “I could have stayed in Niagara Falls after graduating from college. That would have been good enough. But I took a leap of faith and moved to D.C.—without a whole lot of money and even fewer contacts. Then I started making connections. Someone recommended I take a position in property management, even though I had no experience. But within two years, I was opening communities throughout the mid-Atlantic and had an incredible mentor who helped me find a real home in multifamily.”

    To Executive of the Year

    “Bozzuto has really distinguished itself in how we create a sense of home for our residents. This has been a winning philosophy behind our success—and how we grew to nearly 43,000 apartments in more than 160 communities. But choosing the right revenue management system was crucial if we wanted to outperform. Our teams have complete confidence in YieldStar, and it allows them to spend more time building relationships. It also gives residents the flexibility they want to fit their lifestyles. YieldStar has been an ideal partner in shaping our renters’ experiences.”

  • From Hidden Data to


Achieve Optimal Revenue Performance

YieldStar’s unsurpassed market data, unit availability insights, competitor pricing, local market trends, and other key variables make it possible to achieve optimal revenue performance.

Total Revenue Transparency

YieldStar calculates and discloses all the key variables used to arrive at your optimal recommended price – driving your revenue 3% to 7% over market.

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About YieldStar Revenue Management Software

The complexities of the multifamily market make it difficult to accurately calculate all the variables necessary to come up with a price that ideally balances rent price with occupancy for maximum profit. Revenue management software from YieldStar consistently delivers a sustained revenue outperformance of three to seven percent for properties using our solution over properties not using our solution. YieldStar’s revenue management solution, Price Optimizer, leverages a growing warehouse of multifamily lease transaction data for millions of apartment units. This allows us to provide our clients with exceptional visibility into past and current performance trends for thousands of properties and submarkets nationwide.

YieldStar also delivers extensive multifamily talent and best practices for implementation and ongoing use of our solution. We know and understand your business and will partner with you to achieve long term success as your business and asset strategies evolve over time. Regardless of the type or size of your organization or whether you plan to lease up, hold, reposition or sell your properties, YieldStar delivers the tools and resources you need to maximize your revenue potential and outperform your competition.


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