Deliver Resident-Specific Care

Performing assessments and creating individualized service plans are important aspects of resident care. With our Senior Living Care Management software, your staff will have the tools they need to document the numerous details required to deliver person-centered care and services.


Increase Direct Care Revenue

Our care delivery system creates tasks around each resident need, so that caregivers efficiently document needs and capabilities during a resident assessment. The system’s ease of use helps reduce errors and enables you to decrease the time between periodic assessments, eliminating cost creep from gradual acuity changes. This helps you improve bottom line performance, while understanding the specific cost of delivering care by resident, staff, service group, community and enterprise.

Flexible to Match Your Needs

Multiple configurable templates provide the flexibility needed to match your business policies and procedures. You can designate role-based controls for developing and updating information, and although standard times for resident services are included in a task, they can be adjusted by resident or service group as needed. For added flexibility, your staff has the ability to manage care fee start and stop dates for hospitalizations and exclude tasks from the care fee calculation.


Calculate Exact Care Costs

The proprietary scoring method in the assessment tool takes into account the time required for each task, the frequency of the service and the actual labor costs for the staff providing the service. This provides you with visibility into the exact cost of care, so you can more accurately charge for services, and it gives you the choice of how to bill for services.

Interface to eMAR

An interface to an eMAR provides real-time medication alerts. Choose the eMAR best suited to your business and the one your staff is familiar with to reduce training time and risk of error.


Close the Loop with Mobile Task Completion

With the Senior Living Care Management solution and mobile app for task completion, your staff has the ability to view task lists specific to each resident and close the loop by marking the task as complete—all from their iOS or Android devices. As staff document exceptions and comments in the tasks, these are visible to supervisors, creating thorough resident records and enhancing communication concerning resident changes as they happen.


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