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Navigating today’s regulatory environment for housing programs is more complicated than ever and affects every type of multifamily property. Civil penalties for non-compliance can mean huge financial losses for all types of multifamily property management companies. Millions of dollars in tax credits are at stake for affordable housing communities. Determining whether properties are compliant requires a level of expertise that few property managers and owners have on staff. Windsor Compliance provides services to ensure compliance on an ongoing basis at the local, state and federal levels. Our products work seamlessly within your corporate guidelines to meet all of your asset management and compliance needs.

Asset Management – Our onsite audit and property inspection services include:

  • In-depth ADA Accessibility Plans, which include inspection of facilities and a subsequent comprehensive, customized report showing owners how the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Section 504 and the Fair Housing Amendments Act apply to their specific property.
  • Capital Needs Assessments that predict a property’s capital expenditures over the course of the next 10 to 20 years.
  • Asset Management Inspections for syndicators that allow them to have an expert set of “eyes on the ground.”

Housing Credits for Affordable Properties
Maintaining compliance in affordable housing communities means eligibility for tax credits and more satisfied residents. Our services provide compliance monitoring supporting property owners’, institutional investors’ and managers’ compliance with government programs such as Low Income Housing Tax Credit (Section 42), tax exempt bond, Section 8, HOME, and Rural Development. Our Expert Housing Compliance Services Include:

Compliance Monitoring – Using our years of expertise in the various federal, state and local affordable housing programs, we review your affordable housing and rural housing property move-in certifications and annual re-certifications to ensure compliance on an ongoing basis.

File Audits – We review your required documentation and paperwork to determine if you are in compliance. If you are not, we give you the advice and the tools you need to get you back on track and to stay on track.

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About Windsor Compliance

Windsor Compliance provides asset management and compliance monitoring for all types of facilities, including affordable, conventional, student, senior and military. We work with you to create a plan so your properties meet and maintain accessibility and compliance standards through monitoring, audits and property inspections and reports.


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