Higher Resident Participation Means Bigger Savings

Reduce Your Risks with Renter’s Insurance

When was the last time you had to pay for a $9,000 grease fire caused by a resident? How about paying for property damages created by an uninsured resident or their friends? Even if the damages are caused by Mother Nature, a careless neighbor, or their own negligence, residents may look to you for help and reimbursement for their losses. That’s why you need to require renter’s insurance. It protects you and your residents from paying for costly repairs.

Close the Gaps with eRenterPlan

An eRenterPlan® insurance policy helps eliminate your costs for resident caused damages by covering the resident’s liability through use of the residents eRenterPlan policy, where it belongs. The first $100,000 of damage from a covered peril is paid for by your resident’s policy, instead of coming out of your pocket or from your property and casualty insurance. Renter’s insurance keeps your out-of-pocket repairs costs down, improves the loss ratio on your commercial policy, and it eliminates nuisance claims which can take a lot of time and energy to dismiss.

Provide Peace of Mind for Yourself and Your Residents

The eRenterPlan offers comprehensive coverage specifically designed to not only meet your multifamily needs but all of the needs of your residents at a great low price.

eRenterPlan provides:

  • Broader coverage for damage to personal property caused by roof leaks.
  • Broader liability coverage for damage caused by water (overflowed bathtubs/toilets, etc.).
  • Ability to supplement eRenterPlan program with RenterProtection for 100% assurance of coverage.
  • Property damage coverage for up to 5 lessees
  • World-wide protection that covers property loss and liability in apartment, garage, car, or around the world.
  • Most importantly IT’S AFFORDABLE!

Renter’s insurance is a low cost, low risk way to mitigate the significant financial risks of non-insured residents.

A recent independent study concluded that a renter's insurance program will save a community as much as $22 per unit per year. This can translate into a savings of thousands of dollars across a portfolio.

Use this ROI Calculator to determine how much your portfolio can save with a required renter's insurance program.

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