Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Drives More Leads to Your Apartment Website!

Elevate Your Site to the Top of Search Results with Optimization

“It’s critical for websites to appear on Page 1 of Google® … Being number one in Google® is the equivalent of all the traffic going to the sites appearing in the second through fifth positions.” Search Engine Watch

LeaseStar SEO Services is the affordable, all-in-one alternative that provides all the strategic SEO elements needed to create captivating portfolio websites—websites that drive more traffic and capture quality leads—guided by an SEO team whose expertise in multifamily is unparalleled.


We know a thing or two about Search Engines

So how do you get your apartment websites to the top of the search results? By incorporating SEO best practices into your site development and design. This includes creating content specific to the multifamily industry and robust enough to cover multi-property portfolios. Our experts continue to dominate the industry producing results that include:



Original Content that Makes Your Apartment Website Unique

A large part of propelling your site to the top of search results has to do with the uniqueness and quality of your site content. Google® is able to determine whether your site displays original content or copied content (a common practice on the Web). Simply put, sites with more dense and original content tend to rank higher than those with copied content—who get penalized by being pushed down in search results. LeaseStar SEO Services assure you’ll have fresh, original and keyword-rich content that speaks directly to your target demographic for better conversions.

The Right Keywords are Crucial to Your Apartment Site’s Success

A fundamental SEO best practice is choosing the right keywords to use in creating original content for your apartment website. These keywords will be used in property descriptions, photo galleries, resident testimonials, events, blogs and other content. Choosing the right ones involves the use of “long tail” keywords that are location and amenity specific to better target your audience and deliver quality leads.

Boost Online Visibility with ILS Directories


Apartment listing sites—also known as an internet listing service (ILS)—are cited as the second most popular source renters use to find a new residence. With LeaseStar Ongoing SEO Services, your site will be added to over 180 national and local apartment directories for heightened online visibility. And when coupled with LeaseStar Places, you’re listing will receive premium ad placement on one of the top apartment finder sites, MyNewPlace.com, which receives over 4 million visits per month.

Land More Quality Leads with Local Search & ILS Listings

The difference between leads and high quality leads lies in your local search footprint. Analytics reveal that 35% of ALL searches are local,* and it’s easy to understand why. What good is it if you get traffic for “apartments with lakeviews” but visitors can’t quickly determine which lake? That’s the importance of placement on local ILS (internet listing services) sites with LeaseStar Ongoing SEO Services.

These listings can be segmented by city, zip code and/or region, targeting the area surround your properties—effectively weeding out prospects not interested in your location. You’ll also receive help setting up your Google Places™ page—which automatically maps your property location for visitors. The results? Better-informed prospects who know what they want, know what you have to offer, and tend to convert quicker.


Measure and Improve Site Performance with Analytics

With LeaseStar, Ongoing SEO Services you’ll also get direct help with Google Analytics™ setup, Google Webmaster Tools™ and traffic reports. These user-friendly tools help track site performance, reveal which properties are the most popular, what content works best as conversion points and more. Traffic reports will alert you to lifts and lows in traffic so you can assess how well content positioning is working to drive visits and leads.

Link Building Boosts Credibility for Your Apartment Website

Google® uses a number of factors to determine site credibility and page rank for delivering search results. In addition to original content and relevant keywords, Google® also factors the number of links to your site:  the higher the number of legitimate site links (versus “link farms,” or poorly designed sites with thin content), the higher a site’s credibility. With LeaseStar Ongoing SEO Services, we’ll plan a link-building strategy that increases the number of quality links to your site every month.

SEO Landing Pages for Better Lead Generation


To complement your basic apartment website, LeaseStar Ongoing SEO Services offers an additional SEO landing page that promotes single or multiple properties and focuses on a keyword, amenity or special conversion elements (e.g., video of apartments with golf-course or lake views). Pages can also be segmented under the following to target specific demographics:

  • Pet-Friendly
  • Luxury Apartment
  • Urban Lifestyle
  • Student
  • Military
  • Senior Living

Quarterly SEO Review of Your Site to Maintain Optimization

To ensure optimum site performance, we can schedule quarterly SEO reviews with LeaseStar Ongoing SEO Services. These reviews help us assess traffic, content, conversions and other factors in order to help sites with poor performance, fine-tune sites performing well and/or test at your discretion for better optimization.

Researching Your Audience and Site Performance to Build Better Content

Both LeaseStar SEO Services and Ongoing SEO Services involve in-depth research and web analysis to produce top performing apartment websites. Utilizing industry resources, state-of-the-art SEO tools, social metrics and more, we’ve built some of the best performing property portfolio sites on the internet—and we can do the same for you!


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