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With more than 70% of apartment searches beginning online*, LeaseStar Posting Suite makes apartment marketing easy and more efficient with self-posting tools that help you list your apartment properties quickly, accurately and with a professional design—saving you time and money. Find out about more features by clicking on the links below:


Posting Schedule Makes Posting a Snap!

Now you don’t have to worry about when your apartment listings expire on top ILS and internet classified listing sites. LeaseStar Posting Suite alerts you when an ad is about to expire and lets you know when it’s time to remove or refresh a post. In addition, LeaseStar Posting regularly tests posting titles, time and content changes, and reports any non-displayed listings. We’ll be working with you every step of the way to make sure we optimize your apartment listing to achieve top performance and the highest lead turnaround.


Ready-Made Design Templates for Apartment Listings

You’ve seen them—those apartment listings that instantly say “homemade.” Unfortunately, even if homemade ad designs save money, they may end up doing more damage to a property’s brand and reputation. With LeaseStar Posting, you can create visually stunning, customized apartment ads that stand out from the competition using a simple design tool that gives you thousands of combinations from which to choose.


Apartment Listing Builder Creates Lists in Less Time

Even if you weren’t an English major, the LeaseStar Posting Suite listing builder will make you look like one. It walks you step-by-step through the ad-design process, allowing you to create eye-catching headlines and property descriptions that directly target your ideal prospect for more quality lead generation. We understand that time is of the essence for property managers, and the less time spent on the mechanics of advertising means more time spent on converting hard leads to leases.

Optimize Apartment Listings that Better Convert to Leases

By extracting and analyzing performance data on each of your apartment listings, the LeaseStar Posting Suite not only identifies winning ads, but helps assess how to improve lower performing listings for better outcomes. Our optimization solution also identifies the best time of day, best day of the week and which templates generate the most leads for your property for more measurable results.

Universal Property Management System Integration

Because of its “agnostic” design, the LeaseStar Posting solution is universally adaptable and can be easily integrated with existing property management systems. It can also be customized to work as a standalone solution or as part of the complete LeaseStar® Marketplace Suite. We’ve ensured that you have viable options for promoting your property with the highest visibility and a cost-effective approach.


Lead Tracking Ability for Faster Follow Up

Part of LeaseStar Posting’s optimization process includes the ability to accurately track and notify you of leads as they come in. Where typical lead tracking software delivers leads once daily, you’ll be able to track leads more frequently for effective follow up with the LeaseStar Posting Suite. It’s one of the few posting solutions that allow you to track calls, clicks and emails on individual posts.

Internet Marketing Campaign Services for Better Lead Generation

For property managers who want to hit the ground running, the LeaseStar Posting Suite can work with you to create unique, custom-designed, professionally written and tracked apartment listings quarterly for highly targeted campaigns that are designed to exponentially multiply lead response. Campaigns can be created around special events, seasonality or whatever your preferred focus.

With this added level of support and guidance, we’ll also work with you to implement and maximize the benefits of suggested campaign strategies and techniques. Many of our top clients report receiving a substantial amount of additional leads through this service.

Improve Internet Marketing Campaign Performance
with A/B Testing Templates

Just because LeaseStar Posting is the most powerful apartment marketing tool on the market, doesn’t mean that every ad generated is going to be a winner. That’s why we also give you the option to perform A/B testing to see which ads perform better. A/B testing (also called “split testing”) helps identify what changes made to your apartment listing affect lead generation (e.g., changing the headline, offer, or image). Providing you this depth of analysis and performance makes LeaseStar Posting unique in the industry.

Receive Alerts for ILS Responses

We understand that the time between a prospect showing interest in an apartment listing and actually committing to further engagement on-site or online is very, very short. That’s why you’ll be alerted throughout the day about responses to your posts so you can act quickly to foster relationships with prospects—and convert them to residents much faster!

Post and Monitor Progress with Dashboards and Reports

Tired of having to manage visiting multiple sites and multiple logins to post listings for your properties? LeaseStar Posting simplifies the posting and reporting process using one site location where you can manage it all. This is where you’ll find user-friendly dashboards and easy-to-understand analytics reports.

These reports display real-time optimization results, including exceptions and performance reports that help ensure content is consistent, accurate and on display across multiple listing sites.

*Source: National Multi Housing Council (NMHC)


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