Send Website Updates Seamlessly to
Apartment Listing Sites

Syndication Makes It Easy to Keep Everyone Updated

Now you have a tool that can integrate seamlessly with any property management system and keep your apartment websites and ILS listings easily updated. With LeaseStar Syndication, property managers and staff can make website and listing updates from one location to promote units from different properties, offer specials and even make concessions for units that have been vacant the longest.

LeaseStar also sends frequent email notifications throughout the day of visitors checking availability and units of interest to help you target and rank your hottest leads and increase closing ratios.

Update and Post from One Location

No more logging into multiple sites to keep your listings up to date. And no more inconsistent data! Property-specific marketing information is at your fingertips for every property in your portfolio.


Get Seen on a Nationwide Network of Top ILS Sites

Property advertising on the internet has never been easier. Quickly update and distribute your property photos, floor plans and availability on our network of the largest national and local internet listing services—in addition to a free premium listing on MyNewPlace.com, one of the top ILS sites. Others include:

  • Apartments.com
  • ApartmentGuide.com
  • ApartmentSearch.com
  • Move.com
  • ForRent.com
  • ApartmentFinder.com
  • PeopleWithPets.com
  • MyNewPlace.com
  • Zillow.com
  • ApartmentList.com

Custom Channels Increase Local Search Using Local ILS

Because local search is crucial to driving traffic and funneling high quality leads, LeaseStar Syndication makes it possible to customize your ILS distribution channels for more targeted lead generation. You and your property management staff can control everything related to advertising your properties online with local and national internet listing services. Build and update your listings quickly and easily with amenities, availability, specials and more.


Keep Apartment Website Updates and Listings Consistent

A fundamental SEO best practice is choosing the right keywords to use in creating original content for your apartment website. These keywords will be used in property descriptions, photo galleries, resident testimonials, events, blogs and other content. Choosing the right ones involves the use of “long tail” keywords that are location and amenity specific to better target your audience and deliver quality leads.

Syndication Makes it Easy to Verify Content is Correct

With all the listings you have to manage, you don’t have to worry about “missing” something. The LeaseStar Marketing Analysis Report actually “test shops” your listings to help ensure that your property content and rents are correct and properly transmitted.


Getting You the Right Data to Stay Competitive

We understand that to meet occupancy your goals means having the right data ready at the right moment to offer competitive pricing and adapt to market fluctuations. LeaseStar’s state-of-the-art technology enables compatibility with any property management system. LeaseStar Syndication can perform direct data extraction—from Yardi, Property Solutions, MRI, AMSI and others—and quick market analysis for optimum rent pricing.

Seamless Integration with Any Property Management System

No matter what system you’re currently using, LeaseStar’s cutting-edge “agnostic” design means that it can accommodate any property management system for seamless integration, such as: Yardi, Property Solutions, MRI, AMSI or any other property management system.

Real-Time Reporting Delivered Directly to Property Management


Property managers and staff don’t have to hunt for content and listing updates all over the web. Real-time optimization reporting makes it easy to view marketing data 24/7, from any location with a web connection. User-friendly views guide you through active marketing channels, property details, active rent ranges, last edit dates and the latest data transactions. You can also sort data easily for portfolio-wide analysis. Other available reports and functions include:

  • Exceptions Reports – Help you catch and correct content errors quickly
  • Call & Email Tracking – Prospect data is delivered via other tools and can be easily imported for better lead management

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