Manage Utilities with Ease and

SAVE Big Money

Discover hidden revenue

Hidden within the stacks of utility bills you receive each month is valuable data that can guide you to savings.

Improve collection rates

A simple adjustment to your resident billing can increase your collections. Why leave money behind?

Better energy decisions

Assess and make decisions based on your valuable energy data to reduce costs and increase NOI.


Why Choose Velocity

Discover a greener path with paperless solutions.

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Apartment Submetering

Rely on our expertise for your water, electric and gas submetering.

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See What Our Clients Have To Say

“This year alone our Velocity Account Manager made billing change recommendations that could result in an expense recovery increase of $95,000.”

- Marcus Wilson, Director of IT, Advenir

“Thanks to the project plan put together by Velocity, we are currently working to get all of our sites on updated lease addendums. This will ensure we’re taking steps to maximize our expense recovery program for utilities, billing our residents correctly and staying in compliance with regulatory requirements.”

- Lauran Guastalli, Director of Operations, Bainbridge

“Because of Velocity we have been able to achieve a higher NOI and provide better service to our residents. We would absolutely recommend Velocity to anyone considering a third-party utility and billing service.”

- Sandy Swenson, Vice President of Asset Management, Haven

“I have been able to save 6 hours a week, easily, in just the number of utility bills I no longer have to process thanks to Velocity Invoice Processing.”

- Wendy Duncan, Information Analyst, SunRidge Management Group

“The transition to Velocity at our 22 properties was seamless for both staff and residents. The Velocity team handled everything from coordinating calls with our site teams so they understood the process to submitting accurate bills to our residents for the first time.”

- Lisa Lay Francis, Chief Financial Officer, Brookside Properties, Inc.

“One of the main reasons we choose Velocity over other providers is the tight integration between Velocity and OneSite. It saves our team hours of manual data entry and ensures all charges are automatically posted to the residents’ ledger.”

- Heather Riggs, Director of Multi Family Operations, Continental Properties Company, Inc.

About Velocity Utility Management Software

Velocity Utility Management helps you take control of energy spending and consumption by helping you simplify and automate resident utility billing; streamline invoice processing; recover utility theft; implement submetering services; and more. When used together, Velocity services can help increase a property’s NOI by as much as $145 per unit per year (based on a 200-unit property).

Velocity Utility Management simplifies and automates the resident utility billing process, and helps put companies on a path to sustainability with online billing and utility invoice processing, as well as better consumption monitoring and reporting. Velocity Utility Invoice Processing typically reduces the cost to process utility invoices by 50%, and drastically reduces late fees through faster processing times. With our daily, automated Vacant Cost Recovery process, owners can identity utility fraud faster and recover an average $2.00 per unit per month—an ROI of almost 300%.


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