Make An Impression on Your Move-Ins

ActiveBuilding makes it easy for your residents to live at your property by providing convenient access to the services they require. It offers a place to see billing, make payments, submit maintenance requests, receive notification of package deliveries, reserve amenities, connect with other residents and more. You can even choose to include online lease renewals, which makes it easy for residents to stay at your community and for you to realize improved resident retention.


Resident convenience has been taken to a whole new level with a mobile resident website. Residents can pay their rent and check payment history, log service requests, reserve community features or view rent and service history – all from their smart phones. It’s an easy-to-use mobile interface for your residents on-the-go.


Give Residents a Choice on Payments

Residents want it all when it comes to paying their rent. We support all major payment options, letting you offer your residents the convenience of secure 24-hour payments. They can make one-time payments or schedule recurring fixed or variable debits for even more convenience, and receive email notifications for scheduled payments and returned items.


Increase Renter Satisfaction with Online Billing

Our online billing solution provides a convenient way for residents to view current charges and pay rent and utilities electronically. We can also provide an eBill option to your residents via their email accounts.

Simplify Workloads with Billing Alerts

Alerts appear on your dashboard, including: pre-bills ready for approval; final account statements (with utility charges) pending approval; vacant cost recovery alerts; and more. It also provides a real-time final bill process that takes place during the Final Account Statement.


Log Service Requests

Online case studies show that improved resident satisfaction with apartment maintenance means higher renewals and less pricing pressure on renewals. Being able to log service requests online and by mobile can have a profound impact on improving maintenance technician efficiency and increasing resident satisfaction. It gives property managers the tools they need to raise maintenance service levels, improve the quality of work performed, and enhance the condition of property assets.

Make Package Tracking Easy and Secure

Our system makes it simple to track packages. It even notifies the resident via text, email or voice notification that something’s arrived and notes the date and receipt authorization of when it is picked up via eSignature. This makes package management much more efficient and secure. Plus, it reduces phone calls from your residents.


Simplify Key Management

The key management system provides security for residents and staff. Residents can receive automatic email notifications when their keys are given out and checked back in. And you’ll have comprehensive reporting on all key activity.

RealPage Resident Portal Online Renewals

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