Budgeting Gets a Lot Easier

"The ability to import real-time data into OneSite Budgeting has enabled us to reduce our budgeting process from a few months to just 2 days. We are able to make changes effortlessly and the end result is a better quality budget based on accurate and timely information."

- Lizza Castro, Senior Regional Manager/Budget Administrator, Prime Residential

"Since making the switch from spread sheets to OneSite Budgeting, the Regional team is now able to enter the budgets directly into OneSite, saving a tremendous amount of time."

- Clifford Asher, Executive Vice President of Operations, Multifamily Management Services, LLC

"OneSite Budgeting gives Franciscan Ministries more control over our budget completion timeframe. We can set due dates, define levels of review and even check progress to make sure we’re on schedule."

- John Piombino, Accounting Manager, Franciscan Ministries

Easily Manage All Aspects of Your Budget – From Start to Finish

OneSite Budgeting lets you easily create, manage, distribute and monitor budgets for all property types and market segments in your portfolio. The budgeting process is centrally administered with visibility into each property budget. It delivers accurate calculations, automated consolidation, real-time updates and GAAP-compliant reports right out-of-the box.

  • Eliminates time repairing corrupt or unstable spreadsheets
  • Provides a streamlined data import
  • Offers full web functionality to budget
  • Offers driver-based budgets for greater accuracy
  • Provides flexible and detailed reporting

A Streamlined, Foolproof Workflow

A wizard built into OneSite Budgeting lets you easily configure your desired workflow for budget preparation, routing and approvals. The system then automatically distributes the budget to the appropriate personnel, both at the site level and the central office.

Managers can monitor the budgeting progress with one simple view ensuring that things are moving along on schedule.

Forecasting on the Fly

OneSite Budgeting lets you view how your business is doing on a real-time basis, not just at budget time. This way you can react more nimbly to adjust your budgets to keep pace with your rapidly changing markets.

You’ll be able to easily analyze trends, spot problems and see key performance indicators with detailed or summary-level reports. You can view 12-month periods, long-term rolling forecasts and more. And our forecasting tool lets you load actual performance into your forecast template.


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