Save Money with Document Management

Save up to $5,500 Annually with RealPage® Document Management

RealPage Document Management software provides a centralized source of storage for electronic records and other digital information required for compliance that reduces inefficiency while increasing savings. In fact, clients who use it have improved workflow and on-site organization, saving up to $5,500 per site annually.* With Document Management, critical documents such as resident leases and certifications are retained and managed in a manner that:

  • Allows for an organized filing structure for ease of access
  • Serves as a disaster recovery backup
  • Integrates with other RealPage products

*Based on RealPage client data and results

Foster Collaboration with Paperless Storage and Document Sharing

With RealPage Document Management, you can store, retrieve and archive property documents, leasing documents and vendor documents electronically in a secure, tamper-free location. Our cloud-based document management solution helps foster collaboration and increase productivity by enabling property management teams to:

  • Standardize leasing document storage for apartment communities in a central area
  • Enable electronic signatures on lease documents
  • Archive resident files
  • Store generated reports and report groups into a single PDF
  • Scan and index documents in bulk

Find out how your savings can add up with our ROI Calculator.

A One-Stop Shop with Complete Integration

RealPage Document Management is integrated with a variety of other RealPage products, reducing duplicate data entry and saving your staff time. The benefits of integration go beyond just saving time. It also:

  • Facilitates consistent workflow
  • Provides real-time data access
  • Standardizes documents across solutions
  • Provides residents ease of access and convenience
  • Organizes documents into online folders and filing cabinets

The RealPage Document Management system integrates with:


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