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Property Management for
Your HUD Communities

Effectively Manage Revenue

OneSite Leasing and Rents Affordable for HUD keeps you in compliance with federal regulations, and includes simultaneous compliance support for Tax Credits (including HOME and Bond) and/or Rural Housing.

An intuitive workflow system with easy-to-use tools helps you:

  • Streamline your resident and subsidy rent collection
  • Manage repayment agreements
  • Accelerate contract administration approval of subsidy payments

Built-In Regulations for Easier Certification and Compliance

Our system is designed to provide an easy-to-use, step-by-step certification process that ensures the correct questions are asked during the interview process and that every step of the move-in process is completed. You can manage verification letters all the way through, with complete audit trail capabilities to fit your state and company requirements. And, you can easily monitor income targeting, HUD repayments and zero income households.
To keep you on track, HUD and Rural regulations and validation checks are built into:

  • Workflow processes
  • Data entry screens
  • HAP request processing
  • Annual recertification notice management
  • TRACS file management
  • Excess income reporting

Increase Your Cash Flow and Drive Revenues

With OneSite Affordable software you can get fast analysis of prospect eligibility, which quickly determines a prospect’s qualification for your HUD programs.

  • Unique Special Claims finder helps you quickly find and create valid vacancy and unpaid rent/damage claims which can help increase your revenue by an average of 184%.
  • Automatically adds miscellaneous adjustment to HAP request when payment is received
  • Includes unique automated repayment agreement functionality

Full Integration for Greater Ease of Use

Eliminate duplicate entry and the need for multiple applications by seamlessly integrating our accounts receivable solution with compliance processes. Easily track subsidy and resident accounts receivable with multiple ledger capability. OneSite Affordable also integrates with HUD compliant Waitlist for the automation and compliance of tenant selection plans, as well as with Resident Screening and Dual Occupancy Testing. Integrated document management tracks move-ins, annual re-certifications and certification documents.


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