Resident Screening for Multifamily

Credit Optimizer

Reduce your near term vacancy loss.

Rental History

Accept renters who might have otherwise been declined.


Unique scoring model helps give you a broad-based score.


Analyzes an applicant’s credit, criminal, and rental history.

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Spotting A Good Renter


See how LeasingDesk Screening helps you lease to the best renters.

Why LeasingDesk Screening?


Kim Bender – Senior Vice President, Fairfield Residential

About LeasingDesk Resident Screening

LeasingDesk advanced resident screening technology helps owners and managers improve profitability through ledger-level integration, the industry’s largest rental payment history database, and the most in-depth criminal background and rental credit checks. Its empirical scoring engine returns a single-score result in a “pass-fail” format—based on credit, criminal, sex offender, rental history, evictions, and predictive end-of-lease cost—in just seconds.

Only LeasingDesk Resident Screening can calculate the dollar value of risk associated with the applicant’s score and offset the risk in an increased deposit amount to protect you from end-of-lease cost. It will automatically and instantly rescore applicants to determine if approved applicants qualify for a higher priced unit, or if declined applicants qualify for a lower priced unit.

The Credit Optimizer feature automates the management of screening settings to reduce decision overrides and drive profitable occupancy.


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