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Commercial Property Management

Built specifically for small – to mid-market firms, RealPage Commercial Property Management is the one tool you need now to help take your business to the next level.

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Commercial Property Management

This is Not Business as Usual

RealPage Commercial Property Management is a whole new way to manage and grow your small- to mid-market commercial property management business. This revolutionary software solution is quick and easy to implement and learn, and is designed to grow as your business grows. In addition to robust, fully integrated property management functionalities, RealPage Commercial also includes a powerful asset management tool, giving you the capability to know exactly where your assets stand, report to all stakeholders and ultimately, to make the best business decisions possible. The bottom line? RealPage Commercial offers a lower total cost of ownership versus competitors because you’ll save time on implementation and training, and it’s fully scalable.

Forget the Software Status Quo


Reduce general and administrative costs, and drive back-office efficiency. Get built-in checklists and templates for loading lease level and all financial data quickly and easily. No need to hire more people—it’s all right here.


Our property management function includes configurable lease boilerplates, and provides for standardization of lease abstraction by lease type. You can also be assured of data governance and accuracy of your leases.


RealPage Commercial Property Management software is so flexible, built-in formulas allow for all recovery types and management of lease level overrides.


Our built-in asset management tool delivers on-demand metrics to monitor and measure your business, real-time data, key insights and thorough analysis to make more informed business decisions.


No matter what report you need to generate, RealPage has every square foot covered. From standard system reports to comprehensive exponential reporting, you’ll have 7 different reporting options at your fingertips.


RealPage Commercial integrates with RealPage Property Accounting, Corporate Accounting, Investment Accounting and best-in-class RealPage Exponential Reporting and Financial Reporting.

Commercial Property Management Roadshow

Experience the advanced new solution for property managers in the small- to mid-market commercial real estate sector. Learn how you can boost operational efficiencies and spend more time growing your business.

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Find out why RealPage isn’t the same old software for commercial

RealPage Commercial Property Management Solutions Overview

RealPage Commercial Solution was built for the small- to mid-market commercial property manager, designed to be quick and easy to implement and learn, and to customize for the way you work today, and tomorrow. It’s fully scalable, and the only commercial property management solution today that contains an asset management component. Get on-demand metrics, real-time data and more, giving you a new level of insight leading to better decision making. This is definitely NOT business-as-usual.

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