RealPage®Commercial Property Management

With best-in-class functionalities that make day-to-day operations simpler, this is one commercial property management solution that is not business-as-usual.

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Lease Administration Efficiency

RealPage delivers powerful, integrated functionalities to help you streamline and simplify your daily commercial leasing activities, including:

  • Lease boilerplates for adding new leases with proper data governance
  • Amendment features for accurate tracking of lease lifecycles
  • On-demand views of lease history
  • Custom fields to accommodate customer-specific lease data

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Common Area Maintenance (CAM) Recoveries

Complex recovery calculations? No problem. RealPage handles the entire commercial billing recovery process with our robust recovery billing engine which manages:

  • Base years, gross ups, minimums and caps, expense exclusions and more
  • Display of all missed billings upon execution of the calculation
  • Error reduction in recovery billbacks

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Commercial Lease Accounting

Whether you have office, industrial or retail properties—or all three—RealPage Commercial provides notifications of rent increases and handles all billing types so you can be sure your tenant is being billed accurately. Billing calculations include:

  • CPI increases
  • Percentage rent
  • Recovery billing
  • Late fees
  • Recurring charges
  • Straight-line rents

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Tenant Portal, Payments and Service Orders

As a value-added service, the RealPage Commercial Tenant Portal provides you with a competitive advantage, allowing your tenants access to time-saving services via desktop, tablet or mobile device anywhere, anytime. Capabilities include:

  • Secure login with tenant validation
  • Entering service requests
  • Viewing open balances by lease
  • Reviewing statements
  • Making payments online

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