RealPage® Commercial Reporting

Accurate, complete reports with the right data at the right time, when and how stakeholders need it, because real estate runs on data.

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Reporting for any Stakeholder

Inside and outside the four walls of your enterprise, your stakeholders cover every discipline. Reporting—and the associated internal costs—have a direct impact on your system’s total cost of ownership. Because different stakeholders need different metrics, RealPage Commercial Reporting enables you to create customer-facing financial reports in minutes that can be electronically distributed on a scheduled basis.

Dashboards and Data Queries

Leverage powerful functionalities such as configurable and role-based dashboards and searchable data grids, sorted and filtered for you, enabling you to:

  • Render financial reports, operational reports and key performance indicators
  • Access leases, tenants, properties, vendors and even invoices
  • Search and find anything, anywhere, anytime, such as tenants and leases

Customizable Reporting

Have it your way—or theirs. Create customer-facing financial reports in minutes to be electronically distributed on a scheduled basis. Forget the importing and exporting to Excel—it’s covered with customizable features including:

  • Configurable dashboards so anyone can easily and quickly run standard reporting packages
  • Built-in customizable financial report writer
  • Integrated Excel reporting with the RealPage Exponential Reporting platform using financial data and operating KPIs with customizable packaged reports
  • Standard reports which can store filters and are memorized by user, all included on dashboards

RealPage Portfolio Management

RealPage Portfolio Management (RPM) offers a lens into the operational and financial performance of all real estate assets, no matter what the asset class and includes:

  • On-demand key performance indicators such as NCREIF returns, LTV, NOI, Market Value, and Revenue per Square Feet via interactive dashboards or on-demand analytics
  • RealScore™ allows you to measure and rank your properties using a configurable internal benchmarking methodology based on star ratings. With this holistic view of a property’s performance, you have the ability to explore specific problems, drill into underlying details and assess possible solutions.