Stay ahead in uncertain conditions with playbook insights from multifamily industry leaders that will help you adapt, adjust and advance your rental housing strategies to find efficiencies, performance advantages and revenue opportunities in 2023 and beyond.


Multifamily executives reveal strategic priorities as they answer:

“What is your #1 concern for 2023, and what are you doing to address that concern?”

Explore insights* from leaders at the industry's top firms, including:

Scott Pechersky

Chief Technology Officer

Drive Efficiency Without Sacrificing Performance

“We pick technologies to make our lives easier.”

Cindy Clare

Chief Operating Officer

Equip Your Team for a Down Market

“How you manage hard times prepares you for the upside.”

Robert Waz

Dir. of Revenue & Strategic Operations

Automate or Centralize Administrative Tasks

“Our focus onsite is to enhance customer experience.”

Travis Oden

Senior Vice President for Operations

Adopt Pods for More Efficient Operations

“We started this journey looking at activities in buckets.”

Tasha Krawiec

SVP for Operations

Make Leasing Incredibly Easy for Everyone

“Customer-centric means, ‘Was it really this easy?’”

Alexis Murrell

Vice President of Marketing

Watch the Back Door: Limit Turnover Risk

“You need a human touchpoint ahead of lease expiration.”

Kelly Marks

National Marketing Manager

Reduce App Fatigue in the Resident Experience

“If a resident asks for help, we all know how to answer.”

Sam Rotter

Chief Administrative Officer

Streamline Payments & Resident Billing

“To better utilize staff, we’re growing with automation.”

Joslin Philley

Director of Customer Experience

Embrace the “S” in ESG

“We focus on resident and employee satisfaction.”

Patrick Carroll

Founder & CEO

Stay Opportunistic & Look for Signs of Distress

“Everybody always regrets not buying at favorable pricing.”

Chris Reilly

President and CEO

Shift Your Value-Add Investment Strategy

“People know they have to act sooner than later.”

Jennifer Staciokas

Exec. Managing Dir., Property Mgmt.

Achieve the Next Big Thing: Smart Marketing

“I want to adjust our strategy to dial things up or back.”

John Lawler

Dir. of Revenue Mgmt. – Asset Mgmt.

Optimize Lease-Ups to Stand Out From the Crowd

“Strong teams help cultivate community and excitement.”

Darren Williams


Play Small Ball: Seek Incremental Improvements

“My competitors are Amazon, Uber and Tesla expectations.”

Miguel Gutierrez

Chief Operating Officer

No Surprises: Create Transparency Through Data

“We invest in world-class systems with data-driven processes.”

Leonard Wright

Vice President of Operations

Prevent Revenue Leakage to Boost Value

“Find ways to improve the process and decrease the usage.”

Brian Alford


Protect the Bottom Line With Proactive Programs

“When we have increased deductibles, concern increases.”

Amber Flores

Manager – Screening

Guard Your Communities Against Fraud

“This is getting more sophisticated on both sides.”

Jennifer Coberth

VP, Management Operations Software

Get Smart About Spend & Vendor Savings

“Redirecting to preferred vendors saved money and time.”

Gina Erwin


Identify Win-Win Ancillary Revenue

“It’s more important to build value for the residents.”

James Whitley

Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer

Capitalize on Strong Student Housing Demand

“Student housing always proves resilient.”

Sarah Jane Milliren

VP, Investment Management & Strategy

Build Better Budgeting: Plan for All Scenarios

“We want a benchmark that is aggressive yet achievable.”

Antonio Marquez

Managing Director

Support Workforce & Affordable Housing

“There’s no silver bullet, but we can start making progress.”

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