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Proactively adjust marketing and pricing strategies with AI powered insights from DemandX

The Future of Leasing Demand Operations

DemandX™ unlocks an entirely new level of visibility by bringing together the three best-in-class AI-powered solutions to outperform the market by up to 3 - 5%.

1. Spend Smarter

Remove the guesswork with predictive insights that forecast precise spend outcomes based on predicted exposure.

  • G5® Smart Digital Advertising

2. Lease Faster

Leverage tools like AI-recommended Hot Leads and Next Best Actions to convert prospects faster.

  • Knock® CRM

3. Price Right

Make more informed decisions with advanced AI supply and demand models to help you price units and amenities with precision.

  • AI Revenue Management

“We believe DemandX has the potential to redefine how property management companies strategize and optimize their advertising budgets... The ability to deep link across solutions fosters seamless collaboration and continuity, enabling us to make better, faster decisions that drive demand. We wholeheartedly embrace the integrated and user-friendly dashboard that caters to the operational needs of our teams, spanning from the site level to the executive level. This connective intelligence, combined with advanced AI functionality, well positions us and has enabled us to unlock new levels of success by aligning marketing efforts with leasing objectives."

Kadi Mancuso

VP Sales and Marketing, JVM Realty Corporation

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