The Power of Paperless Payments for Affordable

Reduce risk of theft and fraud, manage costs, save staff time and collect rent sooner with RealPage® Payments — now with simplified pricing created for the Affordable Market.

The Hidden Cost of Paper Payments

If you’re an affordable housing owner or operator who has been hesitant to switch to an online resident payment platform, that hesitation may be costing you more than you think. Paper check processing and manual entry of resident payments isn’t free—it comes with a price: time lost for site staff, increased chances of theft and fraud, delayed rent collection, and more.

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Residents Want Options. Now, You Can Provide Them.

Offering residents multiple ways to pay rent means more predictable and consistent management of costs, no matter how they choose to pay:

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eMoney Order

Replace in-office, paper money order payments with cash payments made at nearby retail facilities—and see these payments immediately reflected in the resident’s account.

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Online and Mobile Payments

Empower residents to pay online or from their smartphone—automatically—with either a bank account (ACH payment) or a credit or debit card. Because ResidentDirect manages the payments and fees directly with your residents, there’s no cost—and less hassle—for you.

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Lockbox, a new RealPage Payments solution, streamlines rent collection and allows residents the option of paying by check and money order while eliminating the in-office handling of these paper payment methods.

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Why Paperless?

When you offer convenient paperless payment options, residents can pay how, when and where they prefer, and you drive timely collection of rent. Because we handle the complexities and risks of payment processing, your site staff can save hours of time each week and focus on leasing and the resident experience.

  • Reduce Risk of theft and fraud by offering online options your residents want
  • Manage Costs every month with a simplified, flat-rate-per-unit payments package
  • Reduce paper payment processing and save on-site staff time
  • Speed up the collections process by making it easy to pay rent anywhere, anytime
With our new simplified pricing, these benefits are more accessible than ever. Find out how!