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Customizable to your business needs, our system saves time, reduces errors and mitigates risk for property managers and vendors.

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Discover the Features & Benefits of Vendor Credentialing


Highly Configurable Platform: We respect your business’ own unique processes and have developed a customizable solution to meet each client’s needs. Set block and approval actions, conditional forms and questions and adapt workflows to your specific requirements.


Vendor Profile Management: With the broadest vendor profile in the industry, our system includes real-time data on vendor location, owners, services offered, service areas, communication lines and digital documents. Vendors can access their personal portals 24/7 to update contact and service information.

Document Management & Digital Signature: Store, review, manage and sign forms, documents and insurance certificates in our central secure online platform. Our system sends notifications immediately when there are gaps in insurance coverage, and provides online access to the necessary forms online. Use our delegation function to cascade common tasks such as insurance certificate requests to agents, send legal agreements and more, reducing this ordinarily time consuming process.

Background Investigations: We search national, state and county government watch lists, criminal files, thousands of sex offender and criminal records including high profile databases such as OFAC, Money Laundering Database, Terrorist Watch List and FBI Most Wanted. We ensure compliance with Federal Laws tied to the 2001 Patriot Act, The Money Laundering Act and Executive Order 13224. And, our complete background review includes verification of corporate status, potential fraudulent activity, possible criminal actions and insurance verification.

About Vendor Credentialing

Vendor Credentialing is built on a powerful and highly customizable platform, enabling you to make better, easier and faster business decisions. A leader in compliance management for the multifamily industry, we are revolutionizing how vendors and property managers are building relationships. We consider the needs of everyone in the compliance process, from the property management team to the vendor. Our Vendor Credentialing solution allows property managers to reduce risks while decreasing administrative costs, by providing reliable, rapid vendor compliance. Our system configures to each property’s needs, and enhances relationships with vendors by making it easy to comply.


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