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Accelerate, enhance, and optimize your leasing operations with Knock CRM. Effortlessly guide prospects from lead to lease by profitably acquiring and retaining high-value, long-term residents, maximizing your NOI.

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Maximize Multifamily Leasing
with Knock CRM

Enhance your front office operations with our user-friendly platform, designed to streamline operations across your portfolio. Enhance on-site team performance and elevate your prospects experience through our customizable centralized leasing suite and gain greater control over your leasing and marketing data.

  • Provide prospects the most enjoyable leasing experience.
  • Get a full picture of prospect history through resident experience, including retaining hot prospects by referring them to sister properties.
  • Drive performance and business decisions through robust reporting and industry leading analytics.

Discover what the most advanced, reliable, and easy-to-use CRM for multifamily can do for your multifamily portfolio.

Why Choose Knock CRM?

Prospect Messaging
Communicate with high-quality prospects across marketing channels — including email, SMS, voice, and chat — through a single dashboard. Give your prospects the information they want when they need it, with the ability to self-schedule.
Exceptional Prospect Management
Track and prioritize prospect and resident interactions across your portfolio. Retain hot prospects within your portfolio and provide more opportunities for prospects to lease from any location — all in one intuitive dashboard.
Centralized Workforce
Empower leasing agents to work from anywhere, from one dashboard. Centralized leasing teams will stay connected to their tasks, prospects, and community metrics, creating a fully centralized workforce that manages prospects from anywhere.
Seamless Task Management and Team Oversight
Increase leasing team productivity and employee satisfaction with insight into onsite business intelligence. Help your teams hit their goals with a gamified leasing experience that prevents prospects from falling through the cracks. Leadership can recognize high performers and provide additional support where needed thanks to clear visibility into leasing team activity.
Flexible Tour Scheduling
Give your prospects the ability to self-schedule a tour, view pricing, availability, and answers to the most common leasing questions 24/7/365. Increase prospect tour volume 2.5x at no additional expense when prospects can self-schedule tours from any website or app.

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