RealPage® Lockbox

Get the paperless payment solution designed to help you streamline rent collection, reduce risk, increase productivity and realize revenue faster.

Beyond Paperless: Go Payment-less.

Give residents the convenience of paying by check—without paper payments coming into your office. Designed to reduce the time and risk associated with paper payment processing, RealPage Lockbox, an integrated OneSite® RealPage Payments solution, automates check collection workflow while consolidating payments into a single platform. It supports reducing person-to-person contact, while helping you maximize efficiency and become a 100% payment-less office.

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Why Lockbox?

Because Lockbox minimizes manual touchpoints and handles the complexities and risks of payment processing, your site staff can save hours of valuable time, minimize mistakes and focus on higher-value work instead of the time-consuming task of manual check scanning.

  • Reduce Risk of theft and fraud and support contactless operations by eliminating paper checks from the office.
  • Improve site staff efficiency and decrease cost of rent processing.
  • Speed up the collections process by removing the handling and processing of in-office payments.
  • Gain visibility into your payment ledger because all payments are posted in the same place.

How Lockbox Works

Lockbox Payment Image
Step 1:

Residents mail their check or money order along with a payment coupon to a P.O. box assigned to your property.

Step 2:

Payment is received at our secure, remote facility where professional-grade equipment opens, sorts and scans each check or money order, extracting and routing the data and funds into appropriate accounts.

Step 3:

Payments post in real time to the same ledger as your online payments, so you can easily view all payments in one, consolidated place.

Find out how RealPage Lockbox can help you become a true payment-less office.