At Your Service: How IOT and Mobilizing Your Facilities…

By Taylor Gunn Posted July 20, 2017

At Your Service: How IOT and Mobilizing Your Facilities…

…and Site Teams Drives Resident Satisfaction

Hosted by the following panel:

Tommy Deserti, Head of RNC and OEM, Nest

Travis Oden, Director of Asset Management, Camden

Mike Scott, Director, Product Management, ASSA ABLOY Hospitality

Jason Lindwall, Senior Vice President Technology Solutions, RealPage

Bob Ishikawa, Product Manager, RealPage

How did we get here?

“It’s all about taking care of our assets. For RealPage, it meant creating a facilities solution that allowed our customers to track and maintain their assets as easily as possible. But technology is changing rapidly and mobility is offering some amazing opportunities. Not only do these opportunities allow properties and techs to manage maintenance faster, but also provide better service to residents. And better service means happier residents!” said Jason Lindwall.

RealPage’s Facilities solution offers:

  • Increased mobile abilities
  • Tracking and replace your inventory
  • Managing assets on demand
  • Charging and collecting from residents on the spot
  • Instant updates to the work queue instantly update your resident

Lindwall continued, “Our goal is provide better service levels, making client technicians better and residents happy. How do we make happier residents? Part of that is notifying the resident. Using the system means the resident gets notified ASAP. With mobility, when the technician finishes, the resident can be automatically notified. And when residents are happy, they stay with us.”

Meanwhile, it optimizes property’s workforce. You can record the tech’s time in unit, learn what tried to fix and how, hear about pet activity other concerns, and even take photos. It can all be tracked to help take better care of assets. For example, during an inspection, the inspector can go through entire unit and rate everything. They don’t have to be assigned to the task. If something needs to be fixed, they can create work order. If RealPage Payments is integrated into their system, he can back charge the resident on the spot (with the property manager’s approval) for damages. Then, the resident, if there, can accept and approve and pay for the items in question.

An attendee asked, “How many properties have mobile devices on Wi-Fi and how many are on mobile data?”

Lindwall’s response: “Of our clients, it’s about 50% cellular and 50% Wi-Fi, but unlimited data plans are changing that more and more.”


Lindwall started with the comment that, overall, these changes have made a world of difference for our clients. With that, he introduced Travis Oden, Director at Camden. Travis shared about how the technology behind RealPage’s Facilities app had indeed affected Camden positively. He mentioned that his maintenance team had been asking for some sort of upgrade for a few years but the economics didn’t make sense at the time. The reasons he cited were:

  • Tech experience
  • Resident experience
  • Home office findings

And while they haven’t turned on all of the features, like timing how long techs take to finish a task or the hours they put in each day, they’re still seeing faster response and completion times. They’ve also added other apps on the smartphones, like FaceTime, that allows techs to communicate and help each other without having to be in the unit with each other.

Assa Abloy

Then, Lindwall brought up the future of facilities and where it might lead, introducing Mike Scott, Director of Product Management at ASSA ABLOY Hospitality. Assa Abloy owns the Yale lock company and has built keyless locks for a large percentage of the Las Vegas Strip. They’re also adapting their product for multifamily, to allow maintenance techs temporary access to units, or possibly guest access when a resident requests it. This can also be a money-saving measure for the property as they don’t have to re-key a lock when a resident moves out.


Tommy Deserti, Head of RNC and OEM at Nest share that his company is working on several wirelessly connected devices, some of which he couldn’t divulge yet. He also noted that Nest is owned by Google and has been able to utilize their parent company’s strengths in some areas.

Some existing and upcoming devices he saw use in multifamily included:

  • Smoke/CO alarms
  • Keyless doors
  • Automatic leak detection
  • Appliances
  • Lights
  • Speakers

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Lindwall ended with, “We’re heavily involved in discussions with all of these companies about where multifamily is headed. Our goal is making easy as possible from a tech perspective.”

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