2017 Recap: RealWorld 2017 Keynote: Disruption and Innovation

By jsims Posted July 18, 2017

2017 Recap: RealWorld 2017 Keynote: Disruption and Innovation

What happened in Vegas doesn’t have to stay there. This year’s RealWorld 2017 keynote speech was high-energy and full of moments worthy of sharing.

Hosting the largest audience ever in its 20-year history, RealPage kicked off the RealWorld 2017 Keynote Address with a powerful video, setting the stage for the upcoming topic, “Disruptions and Innovations.”

Innovations delivered

Ashley Glover, RealPage Chief Revenue Officer, highlighted the game-changing innovations RealPage teams have put into place and into the market over the last 12 months. Major product advancements were successfully launched including Screening, Online Leasing, Payments, the Financial Suite, and Utility Management, as well as market-specific solutions. RealPage has been bringing on top leadership to drive even more innovation as part of the company’s continued focus on the customer experience, from sales to implementation to support.

A man who knows innovation

Well-known as the founder of Travelocity.com and founding chairman of Kayak.com, entrepreneur Terry Jones took the stage to share his perspectives and stories on the top technological disruptors happening in the world today. Two of the most impactful disruptors are Artificial Intelligence and Big Data, in addition to connectivity, algorithms, and more.

What’s on the horizon

RealPage Chairman and CEO Steve Winn shared innovations on the horizon for customers. He announced the official launch of Omnichannel, a major addition to the RealPage Contact Center, designed to manage and optimize communication between properties and residents and prospects. To demonstrate the power of the Agent Desktop, now in development, Dustin Gellman described how the Enhanced Guest Card will work, and introduced us to Simon, RealPage’s virtual assistant, soon to make his debut.

Keith Dunkin, vice president of YieldStar, explored the upcoming advanced functionalities of the next generation of RealPage Data Analytics, the future of data rights management, and the power soon to be released to owners, operators and investors through the company’s investment analytics and asset optimization capabilities.

Things have been changing in a big way at RealPage over the last year, and as Ashley Glover stated, “Dorothy, I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore.”


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