Gain fresh impressions and insights from interviews with 24 apartment industry leaders.

Multifamily leaders share their business playbook updates and pro tips to help adapt, adjust and advance your rental housing strategies — with a focus on operational efficiencies, performance advantages and revenue optimization in 2024 and beyond.

Featuring strategic input and observations* from leaders at the industry's top firms from every region, spanning portfolio and asset types, including:

Kyle Ellis

Sr. Vice President – Asset Management

Pete Kelly

Chief Executive Officer

Daryl Carter

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Danielle Cooney

Sr. Vice President Operations

Jay Remillard

Managing Director (US)

Alex O’Brien

Chief Executive Officer

Ray Hutchinson

Chief Investment Officer

Ariel Baranauckas

Vice President of Marketing

Tarra Secrest

Dir. of Marketing & Property Development

Pauline Houchins

Executive Vice President

Sheila Fialkowski

Area Manager

Steve Boyack

Chief Operating Officer

Emily Watson

Chief Operating Officer

Katelyn Manning

Senior Revenue Manager

Lindsay Duffy

Associate Managing Director

Stephen Prochnow

Exec. Vice President of Property Management

Katherine Maestas

Property Manager

Jay Rawls

Sr. Director of Operations & Technology

Chris Neumann

Vice President, Investment Management

Chad Smith

Chief Financial Officer

Quintina Willis

Vice President of Property Management

Wes Norris

Sr. Vice President, Investments

Courtney Mathiowitz

Director of Marketing

Drew Cohalla

Operations & Communications Coordinator

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