OnDemand Webcast MPF Research Presents
Jay Denton
Q1 Apartment Market Outlook:

Is Construction Peaking, and Where are Opportunities to Build?


This session will be hosted by new RealPage family member Jay Denton of Axiometrics, MPF Research Vice President Jay Parsons and RealPage Chief Economist Greg Willett, who will discuss apartment construction and market trends.

Topics will include:

The Supply Story

Is apartment construction finally peaking? When can we expect a slowdown? What markets could see further acceleration in supply, and which will see a slowdown? Where will supply have the biggest impact on fundamentals?

The Top 5 Viable Spots for Apartment Development

With U.S. multifamily construction at 30-year highs, new apartments are going up everywhere. But are there any under-the-radar spots not getting the development they deserve?

The Marriage of Axiometrics and MPF Research

Last month, RealPage announced the acquisition of Axiometrics. In this session, Jay, Greg and Jay discuss the new partnership.

About the Hosts

Greg Willett serves as chief economist of RealPage, Inc., facilitating the alignment of the firm's technology and analytics solutions with rental housing sector needs and opportunities that evolve alongside shifting economic conditions, demographics and market performance levels. Greg also heads the research and analysis team at MPF Research, the market intelligence division of RealPage.

Jay Parsons is a Vice President for MPF Research, the market intelligence arm of RealPage, Inc. Jay oversees the research, analysis and services teams. Jay has written commentary pieces for several publications, including GlobeSt, Multifamily Executive, the Mortgage Bankers Association, American Banker, Units and Multihousing Pro.

Jay Denton leads Axiometrics’ analytics team of economists and researchers. Denton’s many accomplishments, combined with a devotion to cutting-edge data, have been invaluable in his direction of Axiometrics’ research and analytics development platform.

Denton and his team provide incisive statistics and exceptional analytics that assists clients in making productive and profitable investment decisions when it comes to buying, selling, building and owning apartment and student housing properties.

As one of Axiometrics’ pioneers, Denton helped grow the company into a nationally recognized market research firm known for its trusted and unspoiled apartment market and student housing solutions. Throughout his tenure, Denton has introduced and perfected state-of-the-art research methodologies, processes, products and scheduling to help ensure the quality, consistency and timeliness of the information collected. Much of Denton’s innovations became the gold standard by which other companies endeavored to duplicate.

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