RealPage Vendor Credentialing Manages Complete Vendor Compliance

Director of Operations Lauren Martinelli wanted to minimize the burden of vendor compliance for the communities managed by Implicity Management. She soon found that switching to RealPage® Vendor Credentialing (formerly known as Compliance Depot) allievated all the extra uncertainty and workload that on-site teams experienced in managing vendor operations. Vendor Credentialing gave Implicity access to a proven process driven by an expert team dedicated to making sure that all vendors have the necessary, updated documentation—a critical value-add for the Texas-based real estate management firm. In fact, the RealPage team representative for Implicity helped expedite the vendor credentialing process to keep all of their communities running as efficiently as possible. With the RealPage team at her side, Lauren no longer worries about in-house or on-property staff having the time or expertise to handle vendor compliance. With support from RealPage’s team of vendor management professionals, Implicity Management is able to keep their teams focused on resident retention, NOI and increasing profits while maintaining resident satisfaction and property performance.

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