Utility Cost Recovery Review by Brandon Winter

“We really value the relationship that we've had with RealPage and look forward to continuing that in the future.”

As Project Manager for Equity Residential, Brandon Winter was looking for more insight into his resident utility billing recovery program. That’s exactly what he got when he started utilizing the new RealPage Utility Management interface. In this video, he discusses how the RealPage solution has helped uncover trends and streamline the resident utility cost recovery process, which has enabled him to more efficiently process resident utility billing and recover costs across 300 properties.

Leaders In Multifamily Utility Management

RealPage is a leading provider of utility management, resident and property operation services that enable multi-housing properties to drive down their costs and create new revenue opportunities. Services include utility expense recovery, energy management, invoice processing automation; online payments and spend management; resident billing and submetering services; and facility management and online supply procurement solutions. RealPage offers regulatory consulting services and multifamily industry benchmarking analytics and extensive reporting technologies, as well as comprehensive services and solutions to optimize back office systems. 

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